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Mar 13, 2010 06:17 AM

Biagios continues to rock

This is definitely my #1 eating spot in the area. The food is not only amazing but Biagio is always coming up with new things both foodwise and event wise. And, not to worry, if an "old thing" is no longer on the menu, they more often than not have the ingredients on hand to whip it up for you.

There is a new creation of mushroom truffle oil risotto in a cheese basket, which is out of this world. Complete gourmet, 5 star dining style here. A dish like this is something you'd find at only the tippy top restaurants in NYC.

The only draw back, which I joke to Biagio all the time about, is the dessert selection. I have Polish heritage and like my carbs and my whipped cream, so usually skip whatever he has, which err on the Italian side. Well, to my utter delight, there were 2 new tarts on the menu - blueberry & strawberry with whipped cream done in a true French patisserie style.

I also like that they serve throughout the day as my favorite time to eat is in the late afternoon.

And, one last thing...the main waiter is phenomenal. Like the professional waiters of the old days who excelled in providing a stellar dining experience.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Anyone try his latest venture, food trucks at the Milford I-95 truck stop and metro north train station?

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      1. re: LorenV

        No, but I plan to investigate the train station one - that's walking distance from my work. Thanks for the heads up!

        1. re: LorenV

          Just an update - they're no longer at the truck stop and have yet to announce their downtown location to be. I hope this isn't one of those closed for renovations but actually closed for good scenarios, because I could really use a good work lunch.

          1. re: harrie

            the food truck is now parked at the Milford train station and I hear opening next week

            1. re: louds911

              I'm so glad - was starting to have real doubts that they'd ever re-open. We drove by there (the train station) today and at least scoped it out; I'm ready when Biagio is, for sure.