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Mar 13, 2010 05:31 AM

Best white wine with salmon

I am making a salmon with a cream cheese/dill/lemon spread for a large party. Can anyone suggest a nice white wine for it? So far, I am not happy with chardonnay or pinot grigio. Price point, about $10 a bottle, and I will need about a case, so it needs to be readily available.

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  1. Normally I would do Pinot Noir instaed of a white with salmon.
    But with that cream/citrus spread, I think I would recommend you stick with a white with some acidity and minerality to cut through that dairy richness.
    Amongst mildly-acidic whites that pair with a rich fish like salmon, I would suggest
    1st/2nd/3rd choices
    Chardonnay (acidic) - Hogue Cellars, Gnarly Head, Trinchero
    Dry Reisling - Cave Spring, Lamoreaux Landing, PolkaDot
    Viognier - Oxford Landing, Pepperwood, or Smoking Loon

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    1. re: jerryc123

      Yes,I agree about the Pinot and we will be having it to go with the beef tenderloin as well, but I feel somewhat obliged to have a white available too. Thanks.

    2. Riesling. Alsatian, if you want dry.

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      1. re: Brad Ballinger

        I would like to politely disagree.
        Alsatian wines are going to be at a much higher price point.
        jgmc would be better off with a value Riesling from New York or Niagara, like the first two I suggested. The Cave Spring dry Riesling is a very under-priced wine, in my opinion.

        1. re: jerryc123

          There are Alsatian wines at every price point.

          1. re: Brad Ballinger

            I second the Cave Spring Riesling suggestion. Would most likely be a great match for your salmon dish. Truly an incredible wine at a very affordable price. I found it to be quite Alsatian in character. I have to concur as well that it is miles ahead in QPR than many a wine from Alsace at the same price point (only 16$ CAD).

            Might be hard to get your hands on the amazing ’07 vintage though, which is being phased out at the moment (at least up here in Quebec anyway).

      2. A cheap Torrontes would be fun, especially with the spread. They're usually floral, spicy-fruity and acidic. The Andeluna is about 10 bucks.

        1. With the salmon and cream cheese, I'd do a nice inexpensive bubbly, like the Mumm Brut Prestige (from Napa Valley), about $11 if you get a 15% case discount. The Brut Rose is even better, and would be an even better fit.

          Other sparkling wines (Gruet, a Spanish cava) will also fill the bill.

          1. jgmc - lucky you. You've got several of Chowhound's most expert wine members responding above. Throw a dart and you'll and hit a great recommendation. And if you've got the bucks, pick two or three and report back...

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            1. re: kaysyrahsyrah

              No darts please folks!! This isn't the local here. It's a glass screen that doesn't repair well...