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Mar 13, 2010 05:17 AM

Kosher Catering for Seder in Bethesda?

Hi Everyone,

My extended family lives in Bethesda. For reasons not worth getting into my parents need to travel down there, prepare the whole first seder at the host's house, then come back to new york to prepare the second seder the next night. It's a little insane, and I was hoping I could help take some pressure off by suggesting that they cater some or all of the first seder in Bethesda. I did some googling but any kosher caterers out there don't seem to have websites or reviews. I was hoping someone on this board would have some suggestions - we need actually kosher (not just kosher-style) because the meat needs to be kosher meat.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

Kosher K.

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  1. You can check on the Kosher Board for Kosher caterers in the DC area. Alternatively, you can Google Kosher Mart, Shalom Kosher or Shaul's. They are the only 3 Kosher markets in the DC area.

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      While I can't attest to their catering, we're ordering a challah and 200 mini hamantashen for our wedding (which is on Purim) and they've been really great to deal with, are delivering everything on Friday morning (because i'd never be able to get time to go to Rockville at that point) for a relatively reasonable price, and are going to super duper wrap everything to ensure it stays as fresh as possible for Sunday.
      Based on my experience so far, I plan to go there after the wedding to check other things out.

    2. Below, I've provided a link to a wonderful web site: The Jewish Information Referral Service. The first URL is the home page and the second URL is the page specifically for kosher caterers. The following caterers are long-standing kosher caterers (or may be the kosher division of a multi-purpose caterer) with good reputations:

      Sue Fisher of Windows
      Design Cuisine

      I've had recent non-kosher experience with Design Cuisine and can say wonderful things about both service and quality of food. My kosher catering experience is too old to be useful. Let's just say that I've been married more than four decades and my son is 32.

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        Thanks so much! The second link had a link to a small-scale kosher caterer in bethesda which is exactly what I was hoping for (the seder isn't big enough to call for really upscale fancy catering). I will check it out!

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          Custom Kosher is a kosher personal chef... I have a friend who orders K for P meals from her every year and is thrilled with the quality! She's on that list.

      2. Wrap2Go can help you with all your kosher catering needs in the Washington, DC area, including full Passover menus.

        1. Both Koshermart and Shalom's have catering operations that do a competent job, and are certified glatt kosher. Pomegranite will also have a glatt kosher menu with items that can be picked up. I would not recommend Ridgewell's for Passover catering. In the past there have been issues about their level of kashrut and their lack of on-site supervision. If kashrut is important to your parents, you want to make sure that the catering operation has an on-site mashgiah.

          Purim is March 20. After that all the kosher catering operations will begin advertising (custom has it that Passover sales do not begin until after Purim so that neither holiday is slighted). Get a copy of the March 24 Jewish Week and you will find all the kosher caterers advertising along with their menus.

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            Ummmm, notice the date on the original post...

          2. Custom Kosher is not only a kosher personal chef. They also do catering including preparing all or parts of a seder meal. Matzoh ball soup, chopped liver, flourless chocolate cupcakes- all divine!