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Mar 13, 2010 04:11 AM

Nice food, wine and friends at Sunny Shanghai in San Bruno

Yimster was nice enough to arrange a dinner at a nice Shaghaiese restaurant in San Bruno, Sunny Shanghai. Joining us were one of Lambert's sons and Larry, also a Chowhound.
This was the menu as much as anyone could remember:

Chilled Pork Kidney Flowers
Chilled Salted Water Duck
Sister in law Soup (a soup made from yellow fish from the Shanghai area)
Green Onion Pancake
A Choy Sauteed with Garlic
Chicken with Fish Sauce
Stinky Tofu
Dry Braised Pork Intestine
Soup Dumpling (Xlb)
Dry Cooked Soup Buns

I would say my favorites were the Chinese chitterlings, the sister in law soup and probably the the chicken with fish sauce.
The intesines were tender and flavorful. Of course you could deep fry a Reebok shoe and it will taste good, but the chef knows the secrets of making them taste good.
The sister in law soup is like is like hout and sour soup with fish instead of hot and sour. Really tasty. The chicken and the fish sauce were nice contrasts and worked well.
I had never had those vegetables before. I'm not still clear how A Choy is all that different from bok choy but it was tasty.
The stinky tofu is a dish every Chowhound has to try at least once. It's not the kind of stinky that wafts across he room but boy you get a cube up under your nose and you get it full blast.
There were no real misses and I would eat everything again if I had the chance.
With tip it came to $20 a person. Quite a deal.
From left to right are the Chinese chitlins, the stinky tofu, the pancakes and the duck.

Sunny Shanghai
189 El Camino Real, San Bruno, CA 94066

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  1. Here's a soup dumpling, the chicken in fish sauce, the A Choy and the kidney dish.

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    1. re: SteveTimko

      The buns in the photo are the Dry Cooked Soup Buns. The XLB came in the dim sum basket.

      The stinky tofu was no stinkier than a ripe piece of Epoisse. Unlike Epoisse, the smell doesn't fill up the room when you cut into it! The tofu was good, but I wouldn't necessarily order it again. It didn't wow me like most of the other dishes. The soup, kidney, and intestine dishes were tremendous. Don't think I'd order the intestines more than once a month. They're a heart attack waiting to happen. ;-)

      We were also served red bean paste in a wonderfully flaky crust for dessert.