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Mar 13, 2010 02:28 AM

Quail eggs, truffle oil

Does anyone know where I can find quail eggs? I'm going to Atwater market tomorrow but I have no idea what kind of shop would have them. I know that my Metro (CDN) certainly doesn't have them, (well, okay, it doesn't have ANYTHING) nor my vegetable store, Exo Fruits.

I'd settle on very, very small chickens' eggs. (I'm going to try to make a miniature meal -- you know, baby lettuce, pearl onions, stuffed baby carrots, cappelini bolognese, microplaned French fries, quail eggs easy over on buttered bread finger toasted slivers, that kind of thing =+)

And while I'm at it, do you know where i could find some truffle oil that doesn't weigh in at the same price as liquid gold? (I know it's all really a scam, that there are no truffles involved, but it smells good. But it probably costs about as much to make as decent olive oil).

Thanks in advance!


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  1. I've seen quail eggs and small chicken eggs at various Chinese markets - Marché Hawaii, various branches of Kim Phat -, Chinatown, etc.

    1. At Marche Jean-Talon there is a stall where they sell different fresh eggs. They have quail, chicken, duck and geese if I remember correctly. As for truffle oil there are two stores that right besides the market that have fine groceries. It's on the same side as Marche de Saveurs. Try the Italian grocery store, I remember they have truffle salt so they probably have truffle oil as well.

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        Yeah, my friend used to get truffle oil at that Italian grocery store at JTM - they only had it occasionally and it was quite expensive.

      2. I have found both the quail eggs and truffle oil at various stores at the Marche 440 in Laval. It is probably a bit too far for you though. I also once purchased truffle oil at the grocery store in the Mont St. Sauveur village of all places. That grocery store rocks by the way. Great prices on cheeses, oils, and cured meats.

        I have also purchased quail eggs in chinatown and at Adonis super markets.

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          Hmm . . . I had no idea they were such a specialty item. I really expected to be able to pick them up at a Metro. I'm not mobile (no car) and it's just a whim, really, so any place that i have to take a couple of buses to get to is too far, but if they're at Asian markets I guess I could try Kim Phat on Goyer.

          Truffle oil . . . such a dilemma! I remember buying some at some store at JTM and then walking into another store at JTM and finding it $5 cheaper!

          I'll look when I go to Atwater. Douceurs du marché is good but they're expensive.

          Thanks, guys!

          1. re: tonbo0422

            They sell a big ole plastic clamshell of quail's eggs for $2.50-ish at Akhavan. So much cheaper than anyone else I've seen! I think the count is 36? I'll check count and price and edit anon. My kids thrill to fried quail eggs. Very cute. And hard boiled they consume a gratifying amount of car-travel time to shell. There may be multiple locations but at least one is at Sherbrooke and Grand Ave.

            1. re: aliris

              The count is 30, price missing so unverifiable until next trip.

        2. You can buy truffle oil at:
          6700 SAINT-LAURENT BLVD

          Find it at their cheese-deli counter.

          1. The original comment has been removed