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Mar 12, 2010 10:38 PM

Anyone know if/how Elias' market has changed since it was Pichel's?

A friend of mine is heading through the Bethlehem area soon and offered to stock up for me -- I used to go to Pichel's to get homemade scrapple (the buckwheat kind) and various other suspicious-organ-meat-based wonders. I understand it's changed hands - shall I still send her there?

-beethoven from Vermont, where we have great cheese and syrup but damn few choices when it comes to bologna

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  1. I never went to Pichel's, but Elias Market is middle eastern, mainly. With some latin food too. I saw all kinds of fresh meats, but for scrapple or other organ based meat producst (really?!) I'd go to the Allentown farmer's market.