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Mar 12, 2010 10:13 PM

One night only

Coming to Philly for one night need a good place for mom's birthday dinner. Have been to Lacroix twice first time great second time ehh. Loved Gayle. really into just about anything good/great open on sunday and preferably not BYO any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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  1. Parc may be a good choice for you,right on the square, decent food and nice atmosphere

    1. If you're looking for fine dining, the Fountain at the Four Seasons is supposed to be spectacular. Or, if you can get a reservation, you might enjoy Vetri.

      Daniel Stern (Gayle) has just opened R2L, which I hear has a fabulous space and views, but I haven't heard any reviews on food.

      1. Ended up at Meme ate pretty much everything on the menu had a great casual dining experience.