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Mar 12, 2010 06:11 PM

Best place for CO trout in Breck/Vail/Avon/Edwards

I'll be there for a week. Found some good recommendations here, but on my list is to have some really well prepared CO trout. Oh, and I'd rather not pay 40 bucks for it, which may be an unfair limitation in Vail...

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  1. Snowblower,
    Based on the lack of responses, I'd recommend you go to City Market, get a fishing license and head out to Gore Creek (make sure its not just catch & release) and fix some up yourself. /Kathy

    City Market
    1703 Fremont Dr, Canon City, CO 81212

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    1. re: krs828

      Maybe no Hounds have had trout in high-country restaurants. ope this doesn't burst any bubbles, Snowblower, but restaurant trout is all farm-raised. Does that matter to you?

    2. many restaurants up here do seafood well. i just don't happen know everyone's menu (who has trout on it right now).

      1. Hope this is not too late for you. Although it's not fresh out of the Eagle River, Golden Eagle Inn in Beaver Creek has a great trout dish. It's a hazelnut encrusted fresh Idaho trout that is superb. It will run you somewhere around $22-$24.

        Golden Eagle Inn
        118 Beaver Creek Plz, Avon, CO 81620