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Chicago Deep Dish in Sherman Oaks

I just read about a place called Oak Fire Pizzeria that has a location in West Hollywood, and is opening (or maybe it has opened) a location in Sherman Oaks where Fondue Bourguignonne used to be. The menu on their website lists a large variety of Chicago deep dish pizza, which they ask for 45 minutes to prepare. They offer more than 20 toppings, including things like carmelized onions and cherry peppers. Normally I would never consider a pizza place that offers soy cheese and soy sausage (blech!) as a topping, but I'm desperate for a decent , and reasonably authentic Chicago deep dish pizza.

Has anyone been here?


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  1. I haven't tried it, but here's a picture off their website of a slice of their deep-dish pizza. It looks promising but not transcendent.

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    1. re: Arthur

      It looks just like "Stone Fire PIzza" I would love for Carter to share his feedback on what he knows about this place.

      I live in Sherman Oaks and the only decent deep dish in my book is MASA in Echo Park.

      1. re: Hypnotic23

        Hi Hypnotic23,

        Have you tried Tony's Little Italy's version? I'm curious how Masa compares with it. Thanks.

    2. I went last night. Not a deep dish place. Very thin crust but it was FANTASTIC. A friend had the Wild Mushroom and I had Chicken Pesto. From 5-7 is Happy hour prices on cocktails, beer, wine, appetizers AND The wood fire pizza! Yummy!

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          Did not know they even had it! Just checked their menu online and they do. I would give it a try!

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            So, is the Sherman Oaks location open, if so I am sooo there on Monday.

      1. Does anyone know if they deliver?

        1. bless you for posting this. I now have some hope of a good pizza, that isnt a million miles away. I was going to try to do my own at home this week, but i am most definitely going to oakfire this coming week.

          1. Soy sausage AND soy cheese? More than just "blecth!" -- it sounds like a gummy double punch from which I am not likely to recover.

            1. It is the same as the La Cienga "Stone Fire" location just the Valley new spot will have a different name.

              I drove over there to give it a try since I enjoy a deep dish pizza, what I tasted won't have me returning, such a shame too since I live in Sherman Oaks.


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                Stuart - Was the Weho location called Oak Fire or Stone Fire?
                Apparently there was conflict with a Stone Fire Grill in West Hills, and thus the Oak Fire name.
                This place still has a ways to go before opening, as in maybe 2-4 weeks.
                Greg Morris is the owner, and he also owns the Belmont, Spanish Kitchen, Oak Gourmet at Franklin & Bronson, the soon-to-open Olive in the former Boa space on the Sunset Strip, and of course OakFirePizza(s).
                Many varied operations, you say.
                I am not a pizza eater at all, so have not tried it on La Cienega, nor probably will I try it when it reaches sherman oaks.

                1. re: carter

                  I'm referring to Oak Fire, yes-a slight confusion in names.

                  I was not impressed with Oak Fire deep dish on La Cienga near Beverly Center which is the same owners as the Sherman Oaks opening location.

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                      I drove past this weekend and it looked open to me... didn't stop since we were on our way to the Corbin Bowl.

                      1. re: Das Ubergeek

                        theoretically within 2 or so weeks. Apparently Greg ran low on funds for this project, and thus the delay.
                        since no one on this board seems to be ranting and raving about the version on La Cienega in the Weho area, why all the clamor for this one to open in S/O is quite surprising.
                        We're just talking pizza folks, and this is not from Nancy Silverton!

              2. The best deep dish in the Valley, and imho one of the best in L. A., is to be had at Georgio's California Pizza and Pasta, in the Trader Joe's mall on Ventura west of Laurel Canyon in Studio City.

                Georgio's California Pizza and Pasta
                11992 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604

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                1. re: maxzook

                  I heard that Georgio's California Pizza and Pasta, has become Georgio's Cucina and has stopped serving pizza. True?

                  1. re: reality check

                    Yes, it is now Georgio's Cucina. I have no information about the previous owners or staff. I frequented the old restaurant a lot, so I am interested as to what happened. Georgio's Cucina has remodeled and changed pretty much everything. It is the focus of one particular chef, whose name escapes me. The prices are also what one would expect from an upper scale restaurant. I will try it someday soon. Right now, I really miss the old place, so, I hope the new place ends up being worth it since I can't expect anything from the past..

                    1. re: bbrownlie

                      Yes, not only did the place stop serving pizza, but it was redecorated, and the menu's prices escalated upward Big time.
                      Of the four secondi shown on their website, the cheapest one is $31, while the most expensive is $35.
                      And the cheapest bottle of red wine on the list is $44.
                      Good luck to them in a center that traditionally has very limited parking until TJ's closes.
                      I am sure their rent escalated and thus the change in focus and pricing.

                      1. re: carter

                        Interesting how things can change, so quickly. The post that I replied to is dated Nov 18th. Roughly a month later, the restaurant no longer serves deep dish pizza. Either the poster hasn't been to Georgio's California Pizza and Pasta, before they changed, or they changed within that month.

                        California Pizza
                        16960 Van Buren Blvd Ste D, Riverside, CA 92504

                        1. re: carter

                          is this the same restaurant that picked up a fancy chef from New York for the next few months?

                          1. re: carter

                            the menu posted with the duck meatball polpettine and all, with the crudo is from the chef from new york's top italian restaurants, that probably shows the increase in prices, but was this same place ever a place for Deep Dish Chicago-style pizza?

                            1. re: kevin

                              This is the post by maxzook, that is right above mine.

                              "The best deep dish in the Valley, and imho one of the best in L. A., is to be had at Georgio's California Pizza and Pasta, in the Trader Joe's mall on Ventura west of Laurel Canyon in Studio City."

                              1. re: reality check

                                My bad. My apologies. So is it two differnt restaurants I. The Valley?

                                1. re: kevin

                                  Let me restate. Georgio's California Pizza and Pasta no longer exists. It is now Georgio's Cucina (www.georgioscucina.com).

                                  I have no further information. The menu is definitely not the old Georgio's and it is more expensive. Whether this part of Studio City/the Valley will support this restaurant, only time will tell.

                                  I never had a problem finding parking since It's a fairly large lot and it's a short walk from wherever you eventually find parking.

                                  1. re: bbrownlie

                                    For the record, I believe you ;) Beside's, I've seen the website:


                                    Georgio's California Pizza and Pasta had been there since the late 1970s, but nothing's permanent in Los Angeles. Oh, well ... more business for Masa and Prizzi's, Chicago-deep-dish-wise. And I will probably try out the new Georgio's the next time I'm in Studio City.

                                    n.b. Georgio's is the correct spelling of both the old and new restaurants.

                                    Georgio's Cucina
                                    11992 Ventura Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91604

                                    1. re: maxzook


                                      I wasn't commenting on your original post. It seems as the thread went on with more replies, there seemed to be a question by poster Kevin - something about two different restaurants.

                                      I liked the old restaurant a lot for its entrees. My favorite being linguine with mussels (they served the green ones - most restaurants serve the black ones). I always requested they substitute the marinara sauce with the fra diavolo. It got to the point where the staff would ask if I wanted the usual.

                                      Giovanni's in Woodland Hills (Ventura Blvd/Topanga Canyon Blvd - at the large strip mall where Jerry's is) serves this dish the way I like it.

                                      I'm glad we're both inclined to try the new Georgio's. I have no problem with their menu - it will be interesting to experience the food and the atmosphere.

                                  2. re: kevin

                                    No, Kevin, they are one and the same, it is just that the place has eliminated pizza from the menu, doubled or tripled the prices, and went upscale in an effort to afford higher rents, and maybe even make more money, given that the pizza competition is so great in this area, quality notwithstanding.
                                    And I have never eaten there, as I know you are aware of my "love for Italian food, and pizza in particular"!

                                    1. re: carter


                                      Just to give more detail about the change. Nothing has remained from the old menu of Georgio's California Pizza and Pasta. It's an entirely new restaurant. The chef, Gary Robins, is from New York and is cooking there himself for the month of December. What happens after that, I'm not sure.

                                      Everyone can read more here:

                                      1. re: bbrownlie

                                        So that would make it "two and the different" then by my thinking... ;-D>

                                        1. re: Servorg

                                          Yeah, sort of, yet there has been no ABC license change, leading me to believe that there has been no ownership change, regardless of commentary below.

                                        2. re: bbrownlie

                                          Interesting that the story said Georgio's California Pizza and Pasta, was known for their THIN crust pizza, but a poster says they had the best DEEP dish pizza in LA.

                                          1. re: reality check

                                            Yes, Servorg, I understand your point, but it is the same location for both. I don't know if the family who owned the old place have any financial interest in the new place. They were always very nice to me and my wife.

                                            Yes, I was surprised too, reality check. Personally, I didn't like their pizza (I love pizza, by the way). My wife and I always ordered entrees. They did make both thin and deep dish pizzas and I knew several people who loved their pizza. It just wasn't for me. Currently,I like Barone's (the restaurant, not the express version), Caioti, Pizza Cookery (Woodland Hills), Rosti's, and Brooklyn Pizzeria (near corner Tampa/Vanowen), though I'm always open to new suggestions.

                                            1. re: bbrownlie

                                              Brooklyn Pizza is next to Fab's old location? If so, I wondered how their pizza was.

                                              Barone's is the place that says they sell Neapolitan pizzas, that is about 5x too thick to be called Neapolitan pizza?

                                              But, I have heard the pizza is good, just a misleading name.

                                              1. re: bbrownlie

                                                "Yes, Servorg, I understand your point, but it is the same location for both. I don't know if the family who owned the old place have any financial interest in the new place. They were always very nice to me and my wife."

                                                I was indirectly teasing Carter, who in his reply to Kevin said that they were "one and the same..." Sorry for trying to be too cute. ;-D>

                                                1. re: Servorg

                                                  Yes, Brooklyn Pizza is next to the old location for Fab's. It's not the most fantastic pizza, but I really don't like Pizza Hut, Domino's or Papa John's, so, Brooklyn Pizza is great to bring home or have delivered. Silly trivia - when Norm's Guitars was on the corner of Tampa/Vanowen, Beatle George Harrison went there to look at guitars and then ate a slice of pizza at Brooklyn Pizza. Wonder what he thought.

                                                  Barone's seems to have its own thing going when it comes to Pizza. It tastes good to me and my wife, though. I've tried other things on the menu and, so far, have not been impressed.

                                                  Servorg, posting comments, for me, means there's always a chance I'll misunderstand where a thread was or where it's going and anything inbetween. So, you have nothing to be sorry for.

                                                  As far as pizza goes, I find even the places I like can go bad. Sometimes they change cooks or style or something and I just don't like it anymore. I wasn't too impressed with the Encino Mulberry Street. or Red Ball on Topanga Canyon.

                                                  1. re: bbrownlie

                                                    I grew up out in the Valley and my mom always had a taste for Barone's rectangular pizza.

                          2. Oakfire in Sherman Oaks is suppose to open Feb, 2011. at least that's what the message on their answering machine says.


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                              Now it's supposed to open Wednesday, April 6th. Drove by and saw workers putting on finishing touches to outdoor patio.