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Mar 12, 2010 06:09 PM

Soup's Vietnamese Phở and Grille - Downtown Winston-Salem

The owner is actually Laotian and is really trying to bring something different to Winston-Salem but unfortunately has had to restrain the menu and boldness somewhat to try to get the bucolic locals on board.

I've eaten Pho as street food in southeast Asia and the restaurant is doing a decent job under trying circumstances to make it happen here. My only condiment complaint is the lack of real Asian chilies instead of the tamer jalapenos offered and would like a few more adventurous options to add to the base soup which is a very good approximation of the real thing. With a few tweaks Pho could easily get to 4 stars but I'm not sure the locals would react favorably.

Soup's is definitely worth a try. Otherwise the downtown W-S food scene, while not bad, is fairly conservative, standard fare.

Soup's Vietnamese Phở and Grille
219 West 4th Street,
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

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  1. "...the downtown W-S food scene, while not bad, is fairly conservative, standard fare."

    As compared to where? I think the restaurant scene in downtown W-S is no more conservative than any other similar-sized city in the southeast. And with Sweet Potatoes, Hutch and Harris, MOMA, Soups, Bernadin's about to move downtown, Meridian, etc. its actually a pretty vibrant food scene with good variety. Obviously there's no Momofuku Ssam or WD-50, but hey, its a medium sized, family-oriented city in the southeast. What kinds of restaurants would you like to see in downtown W-S?

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      There is good food downtown and I have nothing against what's happening there. Skippy's deserves mention too. I would like to see more diversity with additional ethnic foods from other cultures receive more attention and acceptance locally. I'd like to see it offered on food carts or stalls to test how it would do before someone invested in a permanent space. This would set W-S apart from other cities in the region. I know this is blue sky thinking but it would be an exciting addition to the reinvigorated downtown. As of now I cannot respond to "compared to what" because I don't know anywhere to compare it with in NC. It would also be interesting to see one of the taqueria's on Waughtown Street move downtown. I like the nice upscale places but I'd like a little "sleaze" - a good thing btw- along with the upscale.

      For its size W-S has much to offer. It does compare nicely with other cities in the region. My hope is that W-S can to take it to another level.

      Since the is post is about Soup's I still highly recommend it. Thanks for replying and hope this answered your questions.