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Mar 12, 2010 05:37 PM

Is it ok to refrigerate M&Ms?

I'm making my son's 1st bday cake on Saturday, (party is Sunday). I'm making a chocolate ganache, 2 layer, large sheet version of this M&M "polka dot" cake. (Pic attached, cute, huh?)

There's a great post on CH about refrigerating the ganache cake, but will the M&Ms make it? I don't want them to whiten in the fridge. The party is at noon so it would be a little hard to do the decorating in the morning, but I could do it if I had to. Recommendations? Thanks!

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  1. They can be refrigerated

    1. Pic wasn't attached and yes M&M will survive a brief refrig..

      1. From the picture, I'm convinced the birthday boy will be thrilled with the cake. Thanks for sharing the image. I think I'll work on something like that for my granddaughter's birthday.

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          That's great! I looked at a lot of diff options including royal icing, fondant etc. This seemed the most fool proof and the prettiest. For a beginner like me perfect circles made w/icing would be a bit of a challenge and many of the homemade ones I saw online looked kind of messy. I'm using white cake.

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            Sometimes, when I'm worried about surface die transferring from an ornamental piece (e.g. M&Ms) to the adjoining surface I simply give them a light coating of edible wax. It's a little more work but for some projects it's worth the time and trouble as insurance.

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              Is that something you can get at Michael's? Where do you get edible wax? :)

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                Michaels may carry it, I don't know for certain. There are a number products marketed as "edible wax" but so many of them are flavored (adult erotic merchandise) so I've never even considered those. I understand that an edible Tallow wax is also available but I've never found any on the store shelves and I'm not inclined to send for it through the Internet sites that list it.
                Frankly, I've always used paraffin wax.
                it only requires a light coating to protect the surface (when allowed to set properly) so I roll the items to be protected over a cloth that's heavily waxed. They pick up enough wax, usually, to do the job.
                I've used paraffin for more than seventy years (first used it as a kid sealing jars of jellies and jams) and always keep it on hand. Available on the grocer's shelf.

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                  Hi Todao, Here is a pic of my cake, it turned out GREAT! If you can, decorate it w/the M&Ms in the hrs before the party, my M&Ms lost a bit of their sheen (hence the edible wax, huh?). ENJOY! It was a great hit! PS, the tray is carboard wrapped w/wrapping paper.

        2. Peanut M&M's - Freezer = mmmmmmmm!

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            Never ate them frozen, but my stash is always eaten straight from the refrigerator.