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Mar 12, 2010 05:33 PM

Dinner idea's to make for a friend in need

OK, so after a long work week, I can only think of Margarita's right now...and of course my friend who is laid up in bed with a broken Femur bone and a torn ACL from a skiing accident last weekend. She will be out of commission for several months and I believe her husband is pretty helpless in the kitchen.

So as I sit here sipping away, I thought I better figure out some good dinners to whip up for she and her husband.

Any good idea's? I'm a pretty decent cook, but my creative juices just aren't flowing right now....I blame that all on work!


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    1. re: HungryinBmore

      HungryinBmore!!! No offense but I've never made Liver and Onions and I doubt I ever will! I don't think they will eat it, but you never know!

      1. re: Hellolaura

        In this case your overcooking is a bonus for them! Divide, portion and freeze! yeah (when is Sam ever wrong?) fiber is a thing to ramp up. Think a stew, think a chili think a lasagna a meat loaf..Then think freeze in portions!!!!!

        Show hubbie how to microwave frozen veggies (fiber) and buy salad mixes. Buy her tons of reading materials. :-)

    2. Your poor friend, thank goodness she didn't break more than her femur and a torn acl.

      Anyway this shouts comfort food. Does her and her hubby have dietary restrictions, as are they vegan or have allergies?

      Baked pastas are always good, lasagna, baked ziti or rigatoni with meat sauce, stuffed cannelloni. Dinners along the lines of that or casseroles could be good because you could make them at your home and then take them over to be reheated. Maybe make some salads also.

      Sweet stuff too, chocolate chip cookies, brownies.

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      1. re: yesidid

        Thanks, I was thinking of that....and I'll probably do something along those lines, just as long as make sure I don't make too much...every time I make these types of dishes, I swear I can feed an army! We have frozen leftovers for months!

      2. What do you like to cook. What do they like to eat???

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        1. re: Sam Fujisaka

          I cook just about anything....right now we've started to enjoy grilling since the weather is breaking a bit. They are not picky eaters, either.

          I was thinking of at least 1-2 meals a week.

          1. re: Hellolaura

            Let me come up with some concrete ideas as this thread develops. In the meantime, I would add a (ahem) concern. Your active friend now laid up in bed will probably need a bit more fiber to stay regular; and a bit less of the usual in order to avoid ... well, you know. Ahhh ... have another margarita ...

            1. re: Sam Fujisaka

              Thanks, I was on thinking along those lines, too. Plus, it will have to be more on the calorie conscious side as I'm thinking she'll fret about weight gain! I could just bring over the Margarita's...:) I'm sure she would like that.

              Anyway, I've thought of a Tilapia recipe I have, Chicken Parm and maybe some marinated chicken her husband can throw on the grill (I'm pretty sure he can grill).

          2. re: Sam Fujisaka

            I'm with Sam here...what does your friend LIKE to eat??? Whatever those foods are, make them for her! And it's so nice of you to do this!

            1. re: Val

              Legume-laden dishes are filling, economical, and healthy for the GI tract. Lentil, black bean, and split pea soups, chili with beans, three-bean salad, franks and beans.

              Chicken Marbella (a prune's best friend), apple crisp, oatmeal cookies, corn pudding,

              1. re: greygarious

                Yes, there is a version of chicken marbella on this board that uses boneless chicken which can be cut into strips for flexible meals to portion and serve with rice or noodles.

                How about stews (like mahogany stew from epicurious) with lots of vegies added (for taste and the aforementioned fiber).

                Or chicken noodle soup! With vegies. Light and good.

              2. re: Val

                As someone who was the recent recipient of many sweet intentions, I would heartily second/third/infinity asking your friend what she wants. Or mentioning what you're making for dinner and asking if she'd like some of that.

            2. awww that sounds bad

              well i love making curries, souvlakis, nachos, tagines or just a simple steak and veggies.

              hope i could help

              1. sweet of you to pitch in! a quick saute of shrimp and garlic with melted butter and white wine over cheese grits.

                some grilled marinated flank steak and onions with crispy tortillas and beans. drain 2 cans of pinto beans. heat in chicken broth. melt in some grated cheese and piquante sauce.

                ham steak, mac and cheese, and steamed peas.

                build some grilled cheese sandwiches already buttered that only need a turn on the griddle. tomato soup.

                eggplant parmesan with great bread to make sandwiches.

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