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Best Peanut Butter/Chocolate Dessert in the VA/DC Area

My wife loves peanut butter and chocolate desserts. Where is the best restaurant in the VA or DC area to get an amazing chocolare peanut butter dessert?

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  1. Just get the PB chocolate cupcake at Bakeshop in Arlington.

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    1. re: Steve

      Is this a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting?

      1. re: tbantug

        Yes it is.

        I was never ever a cupcake fan until Georgetown Cupcakes, and now this place is just ridiculous.

    2. There is a delicious gobber pie at Kramerbooks and Afterwards.

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      1. I know this site is full of "foodies," but there is no better peanut butter/chocolate combo than *gasp* at the Cheesecake Factory....I'm not sure if it's even still on the dessert menu, but the chocolate peanut butter cookie dough cheesecake is to die for....

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          I can't begin to compare anything at Cheesecake Factory to Bakeshop. I'm thinking you haven't been.

          1. re: Steve

            And I'm thinking you've never had the cheesecake....

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              Oh, I've been to CF for the eponymous dessert. The hazelnut ricotta cheesecake I had at Siroc recently goes well beyond what CF has to offer.

              I think I have made cheesecake as good as CF, and I'm pretty sure I could do it repeatedly if I apply myself. But I don't think I could ever master the rare combination of butteriness and lightness of the cupcakes at Bakeshop.

        2. I am very picky, I cook a lot. Other than my home made peanut butter cups, try the frozen peanut butter pie at Lightfoot in Leesburg. It is delicious. Like a cross between a mousse and ice cream. Yummy.

          1. check out BLT Steak's chocolate peanut butter dessert -- it's so rich and so good

            1. The ultimate nut (hazelnut, not peanut) and chocolate dessert in this area is easily the "kit kat" bar available at Central aka "Michel's Chocolate Bar". Can also be had at Corduroy, though you may not see it on the menu there, if you ask they will fish one out of the back of the fridge if they have any left. I know, I know, peanuts are not nuts and hazelnut is not peanut, but if you like one, you will certainly love the other.

              1. The chocolate and peanut butter tart at Birch & Barley. Awesome.