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Mar 12, 2010 03:45 PM

Greek Yogurt, Separation, and Honey

Hi. Can someone please tell me what happened to my Greek Yogurt and honey? I bought a 1 lb. container of Krinos' Greek Yogurt, and broke it into 4 oz. Gladware containers for work. I also pure honey into the containers. When I opened two of the 4 oz. Gladware containers the whey had already separated from the yogurt, and this did something to the honey. The honey was a watery mess. Thanks.

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  1. The sugar in the honey is hydroscopic, which means that it likes to suck up water from things much like salt. The honey caused this separation by drawing the water out from the yogurt. It really causes no damage to the yogurt (other than making it a little unsightly). Just stir it up and eat it. You won't get that nice contrast between the tangy yogurt and the sweet ribbons of honey, but it will still be good (speaking from experience).

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