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Mar 12, 2010 03:21 PM

Dining in Wandsworth [London]

Friends moving to the area in August; any recommendations for dining in the area? Also need some child-friendly spots too. Thanks very mch!

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    1. Yes, Chez Bruce is far and away the best, and not as expensive as many fine restaurants. A few steps down but still very enjoyable are Lola Rojo for Spanish food in Northcote Road, Battersea, and the Prince of Wales gastropub in Putney. There's also Tom Ilic and an Argentine restaurant in Queenstown Road which I haven't been to but is meant to be excellent.

      Child-friendly - well, the area known as Between the Commons is so child-friendly that single adults like me feel quite left out! Crumpet and the Northcote Patisserie are both packed with kids, and are for tea and lunch rather than dinner.

      1. I'm moving down that way soon as well, so will be exploring the area then myself. I hear Lamberts on the Balham High Road is worth a visit, and am looking forward to trying it. Chez Bruce is quite nice, had a solid meal there last year.

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          Bizarrely, only got round to eating at Chez Bruce last year and found it a little flat, guess I'd just built it up too much in my head...'solid', as you say! Lola Rojo is really good I think. There's also a branch of Mien Tay on Lavender Hill. For Balham, look up around britain with a paunch - he lives down that way, some great sounding curry houses for a start. Can I bang the drum for Crystal Palace too? We've just moved in and the triangle seems like one big restaurant - Numidie is a lovely French/Moroccan brasserie, Al Torre is a bustly Portugese family affair, Mediterraneo does authentic Sardinian, Joanna's is a very competent brasserie and the Exhibition Rooms a solid gastropub (and Time Out local restaurant 2009, no less). 4 stops on the train from Balham, 6 from Wandworth.

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            Check out La Mancha and Enoteca on Putney High Street.- been around for donkeys and always reliable.

        2. Co-incidentally had mothers day lunch at Chez Bruce on Sunday. Probably my best meal there yet (of 5 or 6). Is in great current form.

          For me, its the best value restaurant in London, and one of the best full stop.

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            I used to live in the middle of Wandsworth and now just round the corner.

            Chez Bruce is fantastic. Been quite a few times and loved it every time i do think it helps it's on my doorstep.
            I'd recommend Artisan and Wine on St Johns Hill. v. freindly, knowledgeable staff and a great less mainstream wine selection.
            If you're into curry jump on a bus down to Tooting - my personnal favourite is Apollo Banana Leaf, but they're all good. Masaledar is a bit smarter after the refit.
            Pub food - the Alma is good, as is the East Hill.

            I could keep going - it's a great base for some good eating.

          2. Have lived in the area for two years without much culinary exploration, so we've made it our new year's resolution to try a new place once a week.

            This week's choice was Dish Dash, a Persian place on Bedford Hill in Balham. Menus are on the paper placemats, Wagamama-style, and the waiter circles the things you've ordered. Only today, Bank Holiday Monday, he crossed off 5 dishes they'd run out of by 2pm. We decided to order "Persian-style", as the menu has it, with a number of small dishes rather than a main course.

            My koulouche (like cheese borek) were oily but nice and tangy, an aubergine dip was cold from the fridge, tabbouleh was fine, and fish kebabs were slightly dry and overcooked. His lamb stew, cotlett, kobideh kebab were tasty, I'm told.

            Service was so slow, there being only one waiter, and the phone rang constantly without being answered.

            Overall, it was fine but an inauspicious start to our journey. I wouldn't return. Have high hopes of the new Georgian place that has just opened opposite Clapham South.

            Incidentally, some recent favourites have been Balham Bowls Club, Cafe du Village (for overall experience and ambience rather than just food, which was no stranger to the microwave) and Chez Bruce's incredible value lunch - something like £30 a head for 3 courses, though we managed to bump that up significantly with wine and coffee... Though I'm not sure I'd be so thrilled to pay the dinner price. As mentioned above, I'd describe it as "solid" rather than spectacular.

            Onwards! Any suggestions welcome.

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              Well, there's the Vietnamese Mien Tay on Lavender Hill, near the BAC, which is good and excellent value. Also Donna Margerita (I think that's the name) opposite the BAC: really good pizza and nice Italian antipasti.

              Brew in Northcote Road serves delicious breakfast and lunches, though I consider it over-priced. It's not open in the evening. Don't bother with Tamra (replaced Boiled Egg and Soldiers), which is scarcely mediocre.

              I look forward to hearing about the Georgian restaurant.

              1. re: Jenny Sheridan

                Mien Tay is this week's choice, and the lazy bf is away next week so I might rouse myself early and try the Georgian for breakfast.

                Thinking about this some more, I've realised I've eaten in far more places in the area than I remembered - I might have to categorise rather than type out recollections as they come to me!

                1. re: gembellina

                  Fabulous dinner at Mien Tay, will definitely go back to work my way through the enormous menu! Warning: book a table, and don't expect to be seated at the time youve booked. Don't even expect to be able to get in the door at that time!