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Mar 12, 2010 03:06 PM

Peach Buns? Baozi? Shou Tao? Where can I find them in NOLA or surrounding cities?

While I'd love to make Peach Buns (steamed bread with lotus paste or red bean paste filling, shaped and colored like a peach) on my own, I don't rust myself to do it, and would rather just buy them. I'm hoping to bring some to a party I'm going to in April. Anyone know a store/bakery/chinese restaurant that sells them? Even if they're frozen at an asian market, that'd be fine.

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  1. I have no idea, but the Hong Kong Market on the westbank has a very large selection of asian produce, groceries, etc.

    1. Try calling: Dong Phoung (Oriental Bakery)
      14207 Chef Menteur Highway New Orleans, LA 70129-2019 - (504) 254-0214

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      1. re: Suzy Wong

        I called, but whoever answered doesn't seem to be able to speak a lick of english, and when I asked if they had someone more fluent (politely) she hung up on me....

        1. re: LondonAfterMidnight

          Drive over there and ask someone in person....DP is smack-dab in the middle of a vietnamese enclave & does a booming business; it's not like they need phone-in, English-speaking business. But it's the best possibility for the items you seek. The aforementioned Hong Kong market has a huge frozen section; you might also try Asian Gourmet Market on Williams Blvd in Kenner...though many of their frozen items are stored inside upright, home-style freezer units. You can't see what's inside unless you open the doors...

          1. re: Hungry Celeste

            I have ordered cakes from Dong Phoung and they are really creative and unique looking in a GOOD way. Check out the big book of pictures of the cakes and desserts they do, it's worth a look.

      2. I was at Dong Phoung last week for the first time. I bought some french bread, some coconut macaroons and some croissant like pastrys. All of the items were some of the best I've ever tasted, especially the croissants (shaped a little differently) I popped them in the oven to crisp up and they were amazing. There were other pastrys there but since I don't know what peach buns or the other items you mentioned are I can't tell you if they had them. BTW, I don't think anyone speaks english there.

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          I've been going there for years and someone always has spoken english...odd...You may need to ask...But I agree they have a great selection! And the 99 Market on Chef Hwy (same side of the st) before DP has excellent local produce and asian groceries/supplies etc