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Mar 12, 2010 02:29 PM

Private room in special restaurant for 40th celebration

I am looking for a room that holds 20-30 people at a restaurant that will really make for a memorable evening. Anywhere in Manhattan and $$ are not a problem for this event. Ideas?

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  1. Eleven Madison Park, our favorite NYC restaurant, has two private dining rooms upstairs with views out towards Madison Square Park. The larger of the two can accommodate up to 32 guests seated. I haven't the slightest doubt that having your celebration there will be a memorable event.

    1. The FOur Seasons Restaurant has a great private room, LE Bernadin is fabulous or if you want cool, try Il Buco's wine room

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        Thanks, these are great suggestions, but keep them coming, as the restaurant may be booked on my night which is only a month away.

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          I know someone who did a big private dinner at Le Bernardin and was very, very happy with it. But you have to appreciate fish.

        2. The two best private dining programs in the city are at Per Se and Le Bernardin. They seem to be the busiest and most sought-after of the Michelin 3 star / NYT 4 star restaurants; Le Bernardin especially gets an enormous amount of business from the corporate/financial sector because of its Midtown location, and seems to have the whole private dining thing down pat. Per Se's smaller private dining room, which seats 10, may be the single best in NYC, but the larger private dining room lacks the view and distinctiveness.

          As for EMP, I love the main dining room, but I feel that the private dining rooms are rather unremarkable and could use some improvement.

          1. bottega del vino 59 & 5

            1. Also wanted to add to the below, that you can even see the menus and make the reservation right there on the site.