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Mar 12, 2010 02:17 PM

ISO: Large shred or 'chip' coconut

I'm on a mission to make a coconut cream pie for a friend's birthday and the recipe I'm using calls for unsweetened large shred or 'chip' coconut for the garnish (i.e. big curls). I know that I could shave a fresh coconut, but I'm not quite up for the task, so hoping someone has spied some to purchase somewhere in Toronto (downtown ideally)! I'm guessing this might be more of a US thing, but thought I'd ask around...

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  1. Have you checked out Bulk Barn? I could swear I saw some large-flake coconut there once, but don't quote me on that... not sure whether it'd be large enough for your purposes, either.

    1. I think they have large flake at Noah's natural food store on Bloor just a few doors east of Spadina. Found in the back bulk section.

      1. Tutti Frutti, a healthfood/bulk store in Kensington Market, carries it. I bought some as recently as last weekend, it seems to always be in stock.

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          Two great options, and both pretty close by, thanks!