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Mar 12, 2010 02:14 PM

Taking a friend to Vegas - she's never been!

Hi all!

Hope you can help me out! I'm a Vegas "regular" -- fly in about 8 times a year from Los Angeles.
I'm meeting a friend from Texas there at the end of the month - she's never been, and I want to show her a good time. There are many, many places I already know and love, but I'd like to also try something new if possible.

I would love to get some recommendations for both Wednesday and Thursday night dinner options for the following:

- sushi
- steak (Craftsteak is my favorite, but I'm open to new places)
- seafood (I was not wowed by Aquaknox)
- italian
- other kinds of asian/fusion

We're staying at the Palazzo, and would prefer to spend about $75-$100 per person each night, drinks not included.

Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. Let's see...

    Sushi/Japanese: If you can only handle going a little off Strip, try Nobu for some really lovely sushi. However if you're ready for something more adventurous, try Raku in Chinatown (it may be in Chinatown, but the place is quite Japanese!) for some seriously good grub. And since you'll already be at The Palazzo, Bar Charlie might be a good pick.

    Steak: For something nearby, Carnevino may be just what you're looking for. Across the street at Wynn, Daniel Boulud is a solid pick (and go before it closes next month!) and not too farther up at Encore is Switch, which seems to be improving nicely under Chef Rene Lenger's direction.

    Seafood: Nearby is Bartolotta at Wynn, and a little further down The Strip (but SO worth the ride!) is RM Seafood at Mandalay. Either is a solid pick.

    Italian: Well, I've already suggested Carnevino (more steak-centric Italian) and Bartolotta (more seafood-centric Italian)... But I'll also throw in Sinatra at Encore because I just love it there.

    Asian: Hmmm... I haven't tried Wing Lei at Wynn yet, and I can hardly wait to do so soon. So far, no other Strip Asian restaurant I've tried so far has really wowed me. Again, you may need to hit Chinatown or Hard Rock (for Nobu) for that.