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Mar 12, 2010 02:11 PM

Any new restaurants New Hope/Lambertvl area other than Mahabar and Peace Out Pizza?

Hi, looking for some good suggestions for new spots in the area other than these two places. Don't mind driving 15 minutes outside... Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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  1. Hamilton's Grill Room in lambertville--not new but outstanding byob. Outdoor seating when the weather is nice. If it is just two people, ask to sit at the grilling bar and you can watch the owner grill.

    Hamilton's Grill Room
    8 Coryell Street, Lambertville, NJ 08530

    1. Sprig & Vine just opened in Union Square. It's a vegetarian place. Haven't tried it yet, but the chef is formerly from Horizons in Philly. Should be good!

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        I had lunch at Sprig & Vine today. It was very good. Neither of us are vegetarians but we do eat a lot of vegetarian food. We had the marinated olives with chili, mustard seed and black garlic. I had the cauliflower banh mi and my husband had the reuben. Fresh-made lemonade was good. Next time we are getting the fries -- I saw them at another table and they looked delicious. There are some tables for outside dining but the inside decor was very pleasant other than the new-agey music that was playing. They are also open for dinner. Prices are fairly reasonable -- in this area I consider anything under $10 for a sandwich to be reasonable.

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          You must have left something out here - what's veggie about a reuben?

          1. re: bucksguy14

            It's a VEGAN reuben :)

            It was made of caraway-crusted tempeh, on pumpernickel, with pickles, sauerkraut and russian dressing (non-dairy, of course).

      2. Thinking of trying this Sprig and Vine very soon, maybe even today. Anyone been recently? Is it in New Hope "downtown", trying to think where the strip mall might be. Is it the same one where Toys For Men was or maybe still is?

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          Its a few doors down from Triumph Brewery. You park in the parking lot right before the Railway Station.

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            Thanks! And you really do need a reservation right? When corn is in I don't tend to eat much. What did you get last time you were there cwdonald?

        2. Cafe Galleria is a small byob (maybe 15 tables including the outside seating) in Lambertville that isn't new, but it is delicious. Their menu changes with the seasons, but does have a few standards. It is also vegetarian/vegan friendly and reasonably priced.

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          1. re: skradicke

            You are so right about Cafe Galleria. It is one of my favorite places for a casual brunch on Sundays.

            1. re: cwdonald

              I've only been there for dinner, I'll definitely have to give it a try for brunch. Thanks!

          2. Annapurna is a new Indian restaurant in New Hope. It's located at the back of the Four Seasons Mall and is owned by the same people who own Marhaba in Lambertville.