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Peanuts in soda?

Do you put salted peanuts in your soda, most notably Dr. Pepper?

I understand this is a long-standing Texas tradition.

Well, it's news to me.

Tried it today and thought it was interesting. Not something I would do regularly, but definitely intriguing.

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  1. Back in the olde days when you pulled glass bottles of Coke out of a vending machine, my dad (a Texan) used to put peanuts in his and taught me (another Texan) to do the same. It's been many a decade since I've done it though.

    As an aside, my dad would also occasionally puncture the bottlecap on a bottle of Coke with an ice pick rather than pop the top, and drink it through the aperture. He did that for my Cokes, too. Don't ask me why, but I thought it was pretty cool.

    1. I put salted peanuts in RC colas decades ago. If I did it now, it would be dry roasted peanuts in a Diet Coke. Doubt if it would be as tasty.

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        Did it with RC too growing up in So. AZ. Some oakie kid showed me how in JHS. Haven't done it since I was a freshman in HS (40 years ago).

        1. Growing up in rural North Florida in the 1950's, we would get a Coke (only 6.5 oz. available), drink a couple of swallows, and then pour in a sleeve of Lance peanuts. Then, when drinking the Coke, we would get a few peanuts as well. I told my wife about this a few years ago and she thought it was gross. It was, however, heaven in a bottle

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            The N. Florida take carried on into at least the 70s ~ I'm a witness & a partaker!
            Or, more correctly: I _was_ ~ I'd forgotten all about this taste treat! (Which brought to mind the greatness of freshly boiled peanuts, eaten from the cooling pot of salted water, in rockers, on front porches ~ YES! :-D
            Thanks for the walk down memory lane ~ It arrived just in time to share with my eldest before she reaches adulthood "incompletely educated in every way! '-)
            This'll be a fun point to this weekend! Thanks, again, for refreshing my memory banks! :-)

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              Me too, also the 50s, Jacksonville Beach, to be exact. Something about the salty, sweet, fizzy, crunchy mouthful that was not only tasty, but fun! Always Coke and Lance.

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                I would put a few peanuts in my mouth and then swig some pop, so it sounds yummy to me. I need to try that.

              2. An old ex-boyfriend survived on peanuts in a bottle of Coke during road trips to visit me in college. Rural Nevada, not Texas though.

                1. Cours'n we - eff'n your was fum Okahoma, Taxus, or RKansus - all drank our RC an Dr Pepper with pea nuts in the Central Valley of California in the 60s an 70s. But hit aint done there no more. So much has been lost, so little gained.

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                    1. re: Sam Fujisaka

                      Dam' straight, Sammy. High time to bring back peanuts n' Coke. Course, it won't be the same in a plastic bottle or a can, I suspect.

                        1. re: Uncle Bob

                          Yeah, I actually (re)discovered this today at lunch at Rudy's BBQ. They had bottled Cokes and I duly snapped one up. No peanuts, however...

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                        You forgot Mizzerah. Usens who lived over yonder on the 101 drank them with Coke.

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                          Well, I dunno, I grew up in Oklahoma in the 70s/80s, and I've never heard of this before—maybe it's cause I grew up in one of them high-falutin' college towns. But it sounds terrific. Might try it today.

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                            Sure enough, after I asked on FB, fellow staters tell me it's more of a rural thing in OK.

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                              Okay, I was in Norman and OKC, so maybe that's why I never heard of it.

                        2. Common as dirt around these parts....Was a favorite treat for kids especially!
                          My last P-nuts in my "Coke" was.....last Tuesday!!!

                          Have Fun & Enjoy!

                          1. As a "damn yankee", I was introduced to "goobers 'n RC" during my days in the USAF, while stationed in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. I didn't say I liked it - I said I was introduced to it!

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                              Ben and Jerry will steal this idea-colapeanutty swirl!

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                                Same here. 1968 at Keesler in Biloxi, MS. I think the perpetrators were Texans.

                              2. My college friends in GA did this with boiled peanuts and coke ("bolled peanuts and Co'Cola"). I never caught on to the taste but I loved, loved, loved hearing them say it.

                                1. Grew up in NC (home of Lance's peanuts) and GA (cokeland). So of course I remember this. Had to be the little glass bottles, back when co-cola was really fizzy and made with actual sugar. The coke had to be ice cold.

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                                    I agree with the above. There was something about the size of the small Cokes in glass bottles paired with the small Lance's peanut sleeves that created the perfect salt/sweet balance. Have had occasion to try the Coke peanut combo since the 60s, but the experience isn't quite the same.

                                  2. I fly quite a bit and find this to be one of the few foods now served on most airlines. Peanuts and Coke, it always gets a strange look from seatmates

                                    1. Yep, Virginia, too. Coke or even Pepsi had to have a pack of Lance peanuts poured in it or it wasn't right. Hey, whatever happened to French Pastery? These were also enjoyed with this drink. Oblong, about 6" or so, yellow cake with a big squirt of cream filling down the center and cheap chocolate frosting all over. I remember all this well...Eastern and Central VA in the late '50s and early '60s. When I went to college in NC, though, we pretty much drank beer instead of Cokes...but that's another story. Thanks for the memories!

                                      1. The late 1950's, Grandpa's gas station, soda machine next to a coin operated peanut dispenser, 10 cent Dr. Pepper and a nickels worth of peanuts. . .mmm what a memory!

                                        1. First of all, the RC (coke as a substitute) had to be pulled from an ice water vending machine. It took a good tug to get it out. If it slipped back in, you lost your money unless you could convince the vendor of your honesty. We never put a whole sleeve of peanuts in-- only about half. Tossed the rest in the air one at a time and caught them in our mouth. Finished up with a moon pie if we had picked up enough deposit (2 cents) bottles to go for a feast. Once a month or so tried a Vernors ginger ale to see if its taste had changed since the last time we tried one.

                                          1. That was the real popular drink in the late 50's early 60's in Ne Oklahoma/SE Kansas. I never did aquire the taste for it, but my husband sure did. Brings back lots of memories. Remember those small glass bottles of Coke!

                                            1. Coke just doesn't taste the same since they went to High Fructose Corn Syrup. I used to drink Mexican Coke, which came in glass, was made with sugar, and it transported me back to the 70s when Coke was still made that way. Simply delicious, especially with salty tortilla chips and a wedge of lime. There is something about sugar that helps with the fizz and even adds a layer of flavor that you can't have with HFCS. Unfortunately the HFCS monopoly strong armed Mexico and the Coke is now similarly polluted with its cloying sappiness.

                                              The peanuts and Coke and dance will not be the same today, no matter how we try.

                                              Nothing beats real sugar.

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                                              1. re: jillita

                                                I grew up in NC, now I'm 78. We kids loved the peanuts in Coke.

                                                1. re: jillita

                                                  Even in the Chicago area in the 50s we knew of this. Maybe cause my daddy was from South Carolina.
                                                  Here in New Mexico we still can get Mexican Coke -- at a price, of course. May have to round up some peanuts and take a trip down memory lane.

                                                  1. re: jillita

                                                    You are so right, ingredients have changed. I miss the coke in coke. Any fizzy dark cola would do. But the favorite was coke, sharing it with a favorite Aunt Daphne when I was 6 years old on our front porch swing. I am sure it originated in N.C. Cheese Nabs and coke was also a favorite .

                                                  2. Back in the late sixties and early seventies, I worked at a trading post in Arizona. One thing we stocked was 'red pop' and peanuts, which was a very popular combination. If I remember right it was Nehi Strawberry in 6.5 oz. glass bottles. I tried it a couple of times, and it is an acquired taste that I never acquired. This was Keam's Canyon, the owner of the post was Byron Hunter- There was a trader named 'Yellowhorse' who would come in often with a pick up truck full of turquoise and silver jewelry and rugs, occasional pottery and kachinas. In an afternoon of wheeling and dealing, he and Mr. Hunter could go through a dozen red pop and peanut bottles, easily.

                                                    1. It is my daily (work days anyway) mid morning snack. Have been doing it since I was a teenager in the '50's. I put my blister roasted Virginia peanuts in the freezer (eliminates any chance they become rancid), drop them in a glass of Diet Pepsi or Diet Coke, and they act like little ice cubes. Good stuff IMHO.

                                                      1. GOOBER COKE. big favorite down in GA peanut country.

                                                        1. I'm 64 and grew up in southern Ohio and DEFINITELY remember putting salted peanuts into my Coke bottle. The contrasting flavors of the salty nuts and the sweet cola made a delicious combination.

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                                                          1. re: davymex

                                                            WEST COAST, here---- I'm 64 and grew up in Van Nuys, Ca. -- we "lived" at Van Nuys Bob's - after school and dates...We put little bags of Planters peanuts in: Coke, Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper!! Loved the Salt to the over sweet sodas!! However, it did Not work in Hires Root beer...... Boy or boy I miss that root beer.....

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                                                              I'm in Texas and growing up waiting on the school bus every morning we would buy a "Dr. Pepper" and a sleeve of salted peanuts. You bit the corner off the peanuts, took a swig to lower the level and poured some peanuts in and tossed it back. Those were awesome memories. If you folks don't have Dr. Pepper you are missing out. Oh and now you have to buy the "original" in Dublin that has Imperial Pure Cane sugar in it! THAT is how peanuts are supposed to be eaten!

                                                          2. On trips through rural Georgia from Atlanta to Grandmother's house in Columbus, Dad would often stop for this special treat. It was coke and peanuts, even if the beverage was a Dr. Pepper--every soda was called coke here in the sixties.

                                                            1. I remember seeing that done in Georgia in the early sixties as well. I had cousins that lived in the country and they did it, so we had to try it too. I don't think it would be the same flavor combinations using Diet Coke and dry roasted peanuts.

                                                              I also remember the small Cokes being 6 cents up until 1963. I thought it was a scandal when the price was jacked up to 10 cents!

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                                                                I remember when they were a nickle (peanuts too) then 6 cents....When they went to a dime I swore I would never buy another one......Famous last words! :)

                                                              2. Not just a Southern thing. I sold plenty of Coke and peanuts in Michigan in the 50' & 60's. Was the only way to drink coke. The old version they lost the recipe too????
                                                                Has anyone heard of 3V's cola? Was the first 16 oz. bottle ever made in Michigan. I think Hood's pop in Owosso, Mi made it.

                                                                1. Wow -
                                                                  I'm from Brooklyn -
                                                                  I have never heard of this before!!
                                                                  Sounds quite interesting.... I like the idea - salty/sweet, fizzy/crunchy...hmmmm

                                                                  1. I'm Jersey born and bred but I had Coke (or Dr Pepper) and peanuts when I was a kid while visiting my cousins in Florida during the seventies. It's a really good combo.

                                                                    1. The perfect marriage of salt, sugar, fat, and alcohol is a Coke with Jack Daniels and Utz Smokin' Sweet BBQ chips. That can take the sting out of the worst work days.

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                                                                      1. re: Lore

                                                                        Now, putting peanuts in a jack and coke sounds like a GREAT idea.

                                                                        1. re: tatamagouche

                                                                          please report at your earliest convenience!

                                                                      2. Was raised in Central Ohio; in the 1950's and 1960's the peanuts in coke was a frequent treat. Other times, we put M&M in the small Coke's, but they stuck to the side and bottom, if we were slow to drink.

                                                                        1. 1960's, Gulf Coast, MS - peanuts in Coca-Cola - learned from my mom who grew up there

                                                                          1. Tom's Peanuts in a bottle of Co-Cola is a white trash tradition and is even included in "The White Trash Cookbook" alongside collard sandwiches and Cooter Stew.