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Mar 12, 2010 12:46 PM

Looking for Best Cheap Eats in Manhattan

Coming to NYC in September and food will be a big part of my experience. Looking for great food and VALUE, including all kinds of ethnic foods, street carts, markets, bakeries, etc. Atmosphere and service don't matter to me - - - - just the food matters! Help make my holiday memorable, fellow foodies! Many thanks.

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  1. Chinatown's a good bet. People go apeshit over Prosperity Dumplings. 5 dumplings for a dollar or something like that. Sesame pancake is supposed to be good too. It's 46 Eldridge St. between Canal and Hester.

    If you feel like taking a train ride, Flushing has a ton of cheap, interesting (mostly Korean and Chinese) places. The Golden Mall and Xinjiang BBQ Cart near Kissena and Main St. Nan Xiang has good cheap soup dumplings, 38-12 Prince St, between 37th and 38th Ave. Get off at the Main Street and Flushing stop and walk around. Interesting area.

    Mamouns is super New Yorky and extremely cheap. It's a middle eastern place on 3rd street and McDougal.

    Grey's Papaya are all over the city and have a 2 dogs and a drink deal for 3 dollars or somewhere around there. Another classic New York place, if you haven't been here before.

    Woorijip is a korean grocery (and buffet) in Murray Hill, right near the Empire State Building, the address is 12 W 32nd St between 5th and Broadway. Cheap alcohol here too (in the grocery part).

    All of these places fit your "don't give a shit about service" ethos, and they are spread out all over the city (sort of) as you don't say where you'll be.

    I don't know, where are you staying? How will you be getting around? Where are you from (what types of food do they do well in your city). Proabably get better answers if you include that type of info.

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      Hi. Will be staying in the upper west side but walking and taking the subway EVERYWHERE in Manhattan; especially willing to go where the great food is. We will have 5 days so will see and do alot. Interested in checking out various neighbourhoods for food and fun as well as seeing the museums. Love walking the streets, poking into interesting shops and little galleries. Food wise, interested in sushi, pizza, pho, coffee, pasta, the best carts, East Indian, dosas, deli, dim sum. We are Canadian and are most interested in little family run restaurants with authentic ethnic food. Looking for value and cheap prices. Nothing fancy or formal or nouveau anything or fusion.

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        Do you want to limit your choices to Manhattan only, or are you willing to go to the outer boroughs? You can get to Queens easily by subway. For the best REAL KOSHER deli in NYC, go to Ben's Best in Rego Park. It's steps away from the 63rd Drive subway station. Get the pastrami on rye with mustard (do NOT get the lean version). It's about $10 for the sandwich, which makes it about 50% cheaper than the delis in Manhattan (and most aren't Kosher anymore). The sandwich is big enough for 2 to share. Afterwards, explore the various ethnic markets on 63rd Drive, and get MINI bagels at Bagelette.
        Here are a couple of links:

        1. re: Anne

          Not opposed to taking the subway to Queens for the sake of a great meal, but is Ben's Best better than Katz's? I am not kosher so the kosherness of Ben's isn't a deciding factor. I'm just after an experience that is memorable (and cheap!). I love ethnic markets and would definitely enjoy checking some out.

          1. re: Cookiemaker

            i love ben's best, im not sure if its better than katz. the last time i ate at ben's best i was 11 yrs old lol.
            i 2nd all of larstein's recs and if u go into queens i think u should try some of the indian and thai food in jackson heights\woodside. Cause in my opinion it's much better and cheaper than manhattan.
            in chinatown dont forget viet food like pho and bahn mi. btw when u go to some restaurants in chinatown theyll give u an expensive menu. ask for the over rice\noodle soup menus because it's much cheaper and just as tasty. some places also have dishes that arent on any of the menus for example one of my favorite restaurants 69 has a dish that called something like "gee oomm gee pah" that isnt on any of the menus. i think it's salt and pepper pork chops, and it's awesome.

    2. everything-under-10 -

        1. I got a really great falafel sandwich from Pita Joe on 14th Street last week....for $4!!!

          1. Do this:
            Go to Tulcingo Del Valle on 10th Avenue and 47th Street.
            Order 3 carnitas soft tacos and a grapefruit Jarritos soda.
            - the best $10 you ever spent