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Mar 12, 2010 12:46 PM

Fuloon Lunch Buffet?

I know that Fuloon is a chow favorite, and I really enjoyed the one time I've made it there so far.
I'm going to be up in Malden tomorrow at lunch time, and was checking their site to make sure they're open. I noticed that they have a lunch buffet. I'm normally not a big fan of buffet, but I'm wondering if it would be a chance to try more things than I, going with just one DC and a normal appetite can try on my own. Last time I was there, I had enough leftover Ma-Po Tofu for 3 meals.

Does anyone have an opinion about how it compares to the off the menu regular dishes?
I would take a small decrease in quality (as in deterioration on a hot plate) but am less willing to go for a complete dumbing down of flavors and offerings.

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  1. I have been to Fuloon's buffet many times since moving to Malden and I have also had regular items off the menu. I found the quality of the menu items better. The weekend buffet just has mostly Americanized offerings and a few dim sum items. My biggest complaint is the temperature. The food is almost always cold on the buffet.

    1. I had the lunch buffet once. I was taking a non-foodie friend and wanted a place where she would be happy with her limited range of selections and I could do my food-exploration thing. My friend was happy. I was not. The choices were rather few, and a fair amount of the food had been out on the steam table for far too long. In the future I will stick to ordering off the menu, which is always a wonderful experience.

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        Agreed - not a very exciting experience. We made our kids get it as guinea pigs, and they were begging for the stuff we got off the menu (wok baked beef, and those bean cur knot things).

      2. Skip the lunch buffet as it's nothing special.

        1. I'm a huge fan of Fuloon, however the lunch buffet is pretty much what you would expect from a typical Americanized Chinese lunch buffet with a few gems in there from time to time.

          I most frequent Fuloon for lunch and order off the menu, but I do notice that the dishes on the buffet turn over frequently so they are always fresh. The buffet is a popular draw (love the hot & sour soup) If you are looking for that experience you could certainly do worse.

          Generally speaking I'd take the Ma-Po-Tofu + 3 meals over the buffet

          1. The weekend dimsum buffet can be very nice, if starchy, if you choose carefully--get the fresh-looking stuff, the soy sauce egg, the soups are good. But the "regular" buffet is not appealing, as everyone has noted, and doesn't feature what they're known for here. They have a pretty good crowd on weekends, mostly Asian, many of them getting buffet, so turnover may be less of a problem then, but still. I usually just order off the menu and get lunch for several days.