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Mar 12, 2010 12:41 PM

Touristy, but still good food near St. Michel..... ca existe?

I will be traveling to Paris with my mother soon. It's her first time ever to Europe and I know she is going to be drawn like a magnet to those huge, terraced tourist traps on the Quai near St. Michel (we are staying close to St. Severin so this will be our area, which I am not very familiar with).

I'm not too snobby to have a lunch at one of these places, but I do speak French, have spent time in Paris before, and don't want to spend a fortune for something terrible when something quaint and authentic could be hiding out nearby.

So I guess I'm really looking for a bistro/resto traditionnel francais with a stunning street view that won't ruin our budget (maybe a menu at a max of 30 euros or less) and will satisfy my Parisian food standards (which is to say authentic)

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Le Reminet is right there and is one of the best values you'll find in what you've described.

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      Second that, stuff on the island pretty shabby. Stunning view when you exit certainly.
      Ze not too far but street view pretty boring.

    2. A healthy stride up the hill will take you to Les Fountaines, an old time and authentic Paris restaurant with glassed in terrasse. It is located on a busy corner meters from the Pantheon. Once known for high quality meat, I'm not sure if the current owner has kept up this standard, but here is a relatively recent chow review:
      (Disclaimer: The last time we ate there was some 15+ years ago.


      9 Rue Soufflot
      01 43 26 42 80

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        Visited Les Fountains for the first time in January and would go back if I was in the neighb. Had the plat - Boeuf Borgingnon which was fine. Liked the starter very much, a chevre croustillant on an endive salad. Yummy. Reasonable, lively, and good service. Went down the street for dessert at La Rostand where the tarts are terrific, esp. the Poire Amande. Lots of decent places not far from there. Epigramme, Rotisserie du Beaujolais come to mind...