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Mar 12, 2010 11:34 AM

Where On The Wharf??

I know that Fisherman's Wharf is way touristy but I have some friends that want to dine there. I used to really enjoy Tarantino's but the last time (5 years ago??) that I was there I was grossly disappointed. Love the location of Tarantino's and the view but unless the food has somewhat improved will pass. Would appreciate any other suggestions. Thanks.

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    1. Scoma's is always reliably good...and overpriced.

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      1. re: Civil Bear

        I agree, Scoma's been there for ages and is not cheap.

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          Very true, with one exception: the prix fixe meals deliver reasonable QPV. Not a bargain by any stretch, but not as confiscatory as the a la carte menu.

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            I second Scoma's. I just ate there yesterday and had the prix fixe lunch for $24.95 and it was a really good deal for the money, imo. Started with the clam chowder (nice - fresh clams), had the scallops over mixed greens (fine) and the chef's dessert was a really rich chocolate tarte with raspberry sauce (heavy, but yum). Everyone else at the table ordered the salmon and was very happy with their meal.

        2. I had friends visiting last week who insisted on The Franciscan. Honestly, it could have been worse and I equate it to something like a Cheesecake Factory. It is odd that the entire menu is laid out as a "cookbook" (instructions on the dish without exact ingredient measurements), but with each dish photographed so you know exactly what you are getting. I hadn't seen that in ages.

          Two of us shared three different crab dishes with a third in our party opting for a shortrib sandwich. The three crab dishes were Crab & Kale Fondue, Crab Cakes, and Crab Louis Salad. My friend loved the fondue and I was surprised that the flavor of the crab was not entirely masked by the melted cheese and kale. I was not happy with the crab cakes as they were served in a puddle of Asian soy sauce and topped with aioli so that the bottoms were already soggy when served. The Crab Louis was okay -- served on its monstrously long platter -- with minimal crab and more accoutrements like asparagus, canned black olives, decent Romaine spears, and fresh avocado.

          The drinks were expensive and strong and way too sweet, but my tourist friends were happy.

          Franciscan Restaurant
          Pier 43 1/2, San Francisco, CA 94133

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            I have to admit that I too was pleasantly surprised by The Fransiscan. Wanted to hate it and lump it in with the rest of the junk on the wharf, but we had a very nice meal there.

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              If I'm correct, it is the same chef/owner as Bobo's, which i've heard many positive things about

          2. I'm a Scoma's fan, but for a lunch in December, took a chance on what looked like a new place Cioppino's. The mussels I ordered were done to perfection.