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Mar 12, 2010 10:27 AM

Anyone been to Rock's Tavern?

I drove past the old Gavin's on 114 in Middleton last week and noticed a new sign for Rock's Tavern-- is it open/has anyone been? I'm dying for some mid to upscale new american food and/or a decent wine bar in the middleton/n.reading/andover area. Glory is overpriced, and i'm tired of palmers and burtons grill. Why can't we take a page out of Beverly's dining playbook?

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  1. It looks like the place opened around the beginning of the month, and that it's more of a family restaurant than a bar. Here's their Facebook page:

    1. Maybe I'll go this weekend and report back..

      1. Went with my family the other day. Had a great meal. Good food and nice atmosphere. Also went with friend for drinks. Had a great time. Enjoy.

        1. I went there tonight for the first time. Once looking over the menu it did not match it's atmosphere. It was more of pub type food in an upscale atmosphere. Very strange. However, I did like the choice of food. It had a lot of variety and a lot of appealing choices. The service on the other hand was not so good. We hardly ever saw our server. She was a nice woman but wasn't at our table often. I also asked to substitute a different kind of pasta with my shrimp scampi (which she wrote down) but when I got it, it was served with the pasta that was given on the menu. No biggie though, as long as it was wasn't. The shrimp scampi was tasteless and hardly any sauce on it. I'm not a picky eater either and I have to say the food was very disappointing. Needless to say...we will never go back again.

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            I went with my husband a few weeks back. We sat at the bar and had dinner. Unfortunately I have to say we not impressed with the food nor the atmosphere. The bartender barely cracked a smile. My husband's pasta was overdone and somewhat tasteless (see above review) and although I had asked for my salad with the dressing on the side, it was served loaded with it. We both barely touched our food and the bartender could not have cared less. It wasn't inexpensive, and while we don't mind spending money for a nice evening out, after that experience, we won't be returning. It's very disappointing after so looking forward to a new mid/upscale place to go in Middleton!

          2. We went to Rock's last night and had a great burger at the bar. The miserable bartender is gone. We had experienced her when they first opened and hadn't been back. We had a great time. Hope to go back soon.