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Anyone been to Rock's Tavern?

I drove past the old Gavin's on 114 in Middleton last week and noticed a new sign for Rock's Tavern-- is it open/has anyone been? I'm dying for some mid to upscale new american food and/or a decent wine bar in the middleton/n.reading/andover area. Glory is overpriced, and i'm tired of palmers and burtons grill. Why can't we take a page out of Beverly's dining playbook?

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  1. It looks like the place opened around the beginning of the month, and that it's more of a family restaurant than a bar. Here's their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid...

    1. Maybe I'll go this weekend and report back..

      1. Went with my family the other day. Had a great meal. Good food and nice atmosphere. Also went with friend for drinks. Had a great time. Enjoy.

        1. I went there tonight for the first time. Once looking over the menu it did not match it's atmosphere. It was more of pub type food in an upscale atmosphere. Very strange. However, I did like the choice of food. It had a lot of variety and a lot of appealing choices. The service on the other hand was not so good. We hardly ever saw our server. She was a nice woman but wasn't at our table often. I also asked to substitute a different kind of pasta with my shrimp scampi (which she wrote down) but when I got it, it was served with the pasta that was given on the menu. No biggie though, as long as it was good....it wasn't. The shrimp scampi was tasteless and hardly any sauce on it. I'm not a picky eater either and I have to say the food was very disappointing. Needless to say...we will never go back again.

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            I went with my husband a few weeks back. We sat at the bar and had dinner. Unfortunately I have to say we not impressed with the food nor the atmosphere. The bartender barely cracked a smile. My husband's pasta was overdone and somewhat tasteless (see above review) and although I had asked for my salad with the dressing on the side, it was served loaded with it. We both barely touched our food and the bartender could not have cared less. It wasn't inexpensive, and while we don't mind spending money for a nice evening out, after that experience, we won't be returning. It's very disappointing after so looking forward to a new mid/upscale place to go in Middleton!

          2. We went to Rock's last night and had a great burger at the bar. The miserable bartender is gone. We had experienced her when they first opened and hadn't been back. We had a great time. Hope to go back soon.

            1. we went there for a couple of drinks and dinner on a friday night. we decided to sit at the bar for a little while because our friends were not meeting us until 7. the bar was not that busy and very small. there were two bartenders on, both girls, who were very sociable and knew their stuff. they seemed to be having a great time. we had a great conversation and one bartender even made us martinis that we not on their drink list. this is where the good time ended. we sat at a table in the dining room with our friends. service was horrible. our waitress didnt come over for abput 10 minutes and trying to find her was even harder. our food did not come out at the same time, and our "free" salads were wilted and old. our steak tips were overdone, and my cheeseburger was burnt outside, and raw inside. by the time we were done with this meal, the restaurant was dead. not only do they need help on their food, but noone was even in there if you did want to stay for drinks after. this place is not worth going to a first time, let alone twice.

              1. so we decided to stop at rocks on a sat after doing a couple of errands. we pulled in and didnt even know if it was open, seeing no signs of life from the outside. We walked in and decided to sit on the bar side. The bar was empty except for a couple sitting at the end- that is not a promising sign. We decided to try the place out anyway, and sat down. the bartenders came right over and got us our drinks- they were very nice and very friendly. we decided on an eggplant appetizer and a pizza. THIS WAS THE WORST MEAL EVER. first, the epplant app. came out hard a rock, as if they froze it and then overfried it- they tried to hide it with a horrible sauce. the pizza came out over an hour later which was confusing SEEING THE RESTAURANT WAS DEAD! the bartenders were the only ones who meade us feel at ease offering us a round on the house for our wait. we got our pizza finally and the dough was tasteless and undercooked. the toppings on the "rocks special" were canned and slid off the pizza so we were forced to use utensils. the owner came into the bar area and asked how we like the food. we told him his bartenders and drinks were excellent, but the food was awful! he didnt even ask us if their was anything he coud do, and proceeded to leave. it is sad when the employees of an establishment make you feel more at ease than the owner. i will never go back there, and have told all my friends as well---GO TO TERESA'S NEXT DOOR.. PIZZA IS GREAT AND SO ARE THE OWNERS!

                1. I went to Rock's last night in Middleton and it was terrible.  The soda machine was "off" and my diet coke tasted like soda water.  I asked for lemon, I was given lime.  It's a tavern, but they have few beer choices.  It was 15"  after ordering and receiving our drinks before bread sticks were offered and another 15" to 20" after that  for our soup. The French onion soup was inedible.  It tasted like bouillon cube.  When the waitress saw it wasn't eaten, she tried to make light of it saying we must only like cheese but then later said she would take it off our bill. The potato leek soup was greasy and tasteless.  My husband ate that simply because he was hungry. Our intention was to share both soups, they were awful.  40 minutes later after watching everyone who came  in after us get served (and overhearing that at least two of their orders were wrong), our waitress informs us that no one told her they had run out of the dish my husband ordered.  When our meals finally do arrive, my salad comes covered in the croutons I asked to be left off so I spend my meal picking them out because they were tossed in throughout my dinner salad which was my meal.  The waitress said she was going to speak to the manager about the mess  up with my husband's meal.  The manager made his rounds to the other tables in our section but never came over.  There was no adjustment made to our bill to account for the mess up.  The waitress did offer to "buy" us a drink, but you wonder why that offer was made when I was drinking soda and my husband iced tea because of the poor beer selection which we made known to her.   We got sheepish looks from all of the staff as we left who said good bye but no one bothered to ask us how things were, probably because they knew it was a terrible meal and a terrible experience.  

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                    15 to 20 seconds? Wow, that's quick. ;-)

                  2. Sounds like this place is making a lot of mistakes. But almost all the negative reviews are coming from first-time posters to chowhound. Please don't tell me you're all ganging up up on the place!

                    1. We had dinner last night at Rock's tavern and it was very good. I had the Chicken Braccotili special which was boneless breast of chicken stuffed with prosciutto, cheese and spinach, topped with a cream sauce. My wife had the baby back ribs. Dinner comes with a basic garden salad. I had the balsamic vinaigrette and my wife the bleu cheese dressings. Overal we had a very nice dinner. We've ate at the bar numerous times over the past few months and the food has been very good.