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Mar 12, 2010 10:18 AM

Watermelon punch! Help!!

I'm hosting a party for 50. I need a punch, mostly for the ladies (men will be drinking beer) and I'm thinking something with Watermelon Vodka. That says spring to me. Don't want anything too sweet. I'm in South Florida, so watermelon is available here. Any suggestions on what goes into a do-ahead punch?? No champagne, no Pimms, no martinis and don't want to be blendering drinks all day. Need a great punch. Help!!!!!

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  1. Maybe something more like a watermelon sangria? I'm not familiar with watermelon vodka, but fresh chunks of watermelon, white wine, perhaps some white grape juice (one can buy the frozen containers), some lime juice, some club soda for spritz, and a few shots of the watermelon vodka sounds like it would it work. I often make white wine sangria (with peach or apricot brandy) for summer functions, and it's usually a crowd pleaser.

    1. Watermelon Batida was a big hit last summer when it was hot and watermelons were so good.

      Remove seeds from good watermelon and blend. I used a stick blender (very quick). I don't recall the exact ratio, but I'd start with:

      2 oz cachaca
      3/4 oz lime
      1 to 2 oz watermelon "juice"
      1 tsp simple
      mint garnish

      2 oz watermelon would keep the alcohol content down a bit. You'd want to refrigerate it so that the melting ice doesn't make it too watery.

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