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Mar 12, 2010 10:01 AM

Dublin--Walking distance from Drury Court Hotel


I will be visiting Dublin in May and will be staying at the Drury Court Hotel which is located on Lower Stephen Street, Dublin 2. I know I'm next to Grafton Street. I have searched the threads for recommendations for cheaper eats, but am having a hard time figuring which places will be close to me. I plan to do mostly walking.

I'm interested in all types of food or fun places to grab a drink, Would like low to moderate price range, pubs or sit down restuarants. I'm not really interested in high end restuarants. (That's not true, I'm interested, but not really in my budget.)

I'd appreciate any suggestions you have. Thank you.


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  1. Hi Christa,
    Your hotel is very centrally located and within walking distance of several pubs and good, low cost dining options. All of those listed below are within 5 mins walk:

    - Exchequer Gastro Pub, Exchequer Street
    - Cornucopia Vegetarian Cafe, Wicklow Street
    - Yo Sushi, Drury Street
    - Gruel, Dame Street
    - Coppinger Row Restaurant, er..Coppinger Row
    - Old Stand Pub ( just for drinks!), Wicklow Street
    - Hogans Pub, Fade St...downstairs for pints and atmosphere, upstairs for hipster drinks, cool tunes and brunch.
    Anywhere located in Dublin 2 will be wihin reasonable walking distance of your hotel.

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      Thank you very much Patricko. I can't wait!

    2. Lolly & cooks is a stall in the Georges St. Arcade. It does really nice sausage rolls and daily specials, which would be good for take-out lunch. Would recommend Stephens Green as a nice place to go and eat lunch, if the weather is decent

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        Thank you Jendolan. A nice sausage roll sounds good about now.