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Mar 12, 2010 09:55 AM

“Food Wine Burgundy” (new book) — and looking for the same in and around the Morvan, between Vézelay & Autun

1. Researching a trip to Burgundy, I recently came across this review of a book: ( — it’s David Downie’s brand new (2010) and latest “Terroir” guide — “Food, Wine, Burgundy.”

Roughly the size of a thick Green Guide (450+pages), it’s an opinionated, lively, and beautifully photographed celebration of the small scale wine producers, regional restaurants, bistros, inns, and food shops of the vast Bourgogne — the kind of countryside places we like to patronize. (I’ve already noticed some dining favorites of ours in four of the book’s many recommendations — “Les Deux Ponts” in little Pierre-Perthuis; “Laroche Wine Bar” in Chablis; “Café St. Martin” in Chapaize; and “Le Relais de Flavigny,” in Flavigny-sur-Ozerain — and this makes us trust the rest of the book’s recommendations.) I suspect that other readers of this forum will find this book useful . . . .

2. That said, right now I’m specifically looking for solid, basic regional cooking recommendations in/ around the Morvan, between Vézelay & Autun, and would be pleased to receive suggestions . . . .


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  1. That sounds like a great resource. Thanks for the heads up. (Sure would have loved to have thought of doing that book before he did! ;) )

    1. Many thanks for this.

      Outside the area of your request but perhaps a worthwhile address is this chambre d'hote with serious table d'hote several km east of Autun. It's on our short list of places to stay in the area.

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        It is indeed a worthwhile address. Peter is an excellent chef and he and his partner Jan offer warm hospitality and will give you dining recommendations that otherwise would probably remain un-stumbled upon, such as the tiny Le Chapitre, located just behind the historic cathedral in Autun. They don't offer the table d'hote every night so you need to find when and reserve around it...most generous and reasonable. They have done an amazing transformation of an old rundown rural property into a modern, comfortable destination with lovely gardens. We spent 2 or 3 days last Spring exploring the greater Autun area: Chateaus Sully, Rochepot and Bazoche which was the family estate of the intrepid Vauban.

        Another lovely setting for a fine dinner is the Moulin des Ruats just south of Avallon.

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          Hello mangeur and Laidback, thanks for the recommendation(s) and link -- indeed, "Moulin Renaudiots" in particular appears to be quite "worth a [slight] detour." -- Jake

          1. re: Laidback

            I love Rochepot and Bazoche. My husband has his underground vintner in Rochepot (in Orches actually). Did you eat at the ferme-auberge in Bazoche?