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Fork the Fire- what restaurant are you headed to Sunday?

Hopefully everyone has heard about the benefit.
We'll be going to Broders as I'm craving pasta and it was partially Molly's brainchild. The list of participating restaurants is amazing!
Where will you go?

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  1. I have reservations at Grand Cafe for dinner.

    1. I am going to Al Vento- right down the street. Can't decide between the yummy brunch buffet or just dinner.

      1. are the restaurants donating all receipts to the cause?

        1. Craftsman, yay!

          Note to all: Strip Club has scheduled their benefit night for tomorrow -- Saturday the 13th -- rather than for Sunday.

          For DukeFan: donations vary by restaurant.

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            Victory 44 is also doing the benefit tonight, Saturday, because they're closed on Sundays.

            After some careful thought with KTFoley's help, we've decided on Black Sheep Pizza since they're open for an early dinner, are kid friendly, and we have only been there once before.

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              Brasa for me as well.

              Maybe somewhere else for dinner too, but def Brasa.

            2. Either the Strip Club for brunch or Brasa for lunch. It'll depend on my cravings tomorrow.

              1. We just got back from the Mission event. Easiest good deed I've ever done. Fun to see the chefs stand behind their food (literally). Saffron had a lobster plate that was to die for, but every restaurant represented very well.

                1. Headed to El Meson for paella!

                  1. Salut. (Parasole GCs.) A shame after hearing about Mission...
                    But have to say I am surprised there aren't like 100+ replies after Friday's post. How great that the community is so supportive. HEART MPLS!

                    1. Well, we tried Black Sheep and there was an hour wait at 6pm. We then called Brasa but heard there was a 30 minute wait. Because we had two toddlers in tow, we decided to go to Ginger Hop, which wasn't participating, but had no wait. I'm sad that we couldn't contribute, but happy to see that people were definitely out and about tonight.

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                        We had to drop the whole idea b/c of toddler not adjusting to Daylight Savings time. Bummed.

                      2. We had a great dinner at Broders- and called ahead so our wait was minimal.
                        I heard a guy talking to the people next to us say that Broders was donating 50% of their take last night.

                        1. I went to Red Stag. Had the 'Slow food' special, which was leg of lamb. Excellent dish for $19.

                          I hope the whole day was a success.