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Mar 12, 2010 09:14 AM

Casual recs in Troy for 7?

A brooklyn chowhound here, heading to Troy with 5 13-year-olds tonight, hoping to find someplace worthwhile to eat. Obviously not a special occasion restaurant! Love to hear any thoughts.

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  1. Ali Baba's has everything a bunch of teenagers will love.

    1. I've been with groups of that size at DeFazio's. Wood-fired pizza, very high-quality. You'll fill up the place, but they're very friendly. Call ahead, obviously.

      1. Browns Brew Pub is good. Sandwiches, hamburgers, homemade root beer, french fries and onion rings. Also very casual.

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          Went to Brown's for the first time last week. Had the portabello fries with horseradish mayo (delicious!), a turkey burger and of course, beer. SO had a calamari app and gnocchi. Oatmeal stout and porter (hoppy) were my favorites. Server was very good. My burger came with fries and sauteed onions, I ordered without both. At least they remembered to hold the coleslaw :)

        2. Thank you all! DeFazio's had no table so we ate at Ali Baba (which conveniently was my first choice) and had a terrific meal. especially enjoyed the cheese pose and my shush iskender. Not to mention how much the kids enjoyed playing "compare and contrast" with the side-by-side photos of old Troy and prints of Imperial Turkey.

          Really appreciate everyone's help.

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          1. re: Amy Mintzer

            You are very welcome. Having taken teens to AB's several times I thought you would enjoy it.