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Mar 12, 2010 08:48 AM

Vegetarian Friendly Sunday early morning help wanted

I didn't want to specify breakfast to limit helpful replies. I am meeting a friend Sunday morning and am looking for a place that we can have an unusual and excellent early morning meal. He is vegetarian but that is the only limitation. Because of a flight out of SFO, we need to be finishing up by about 11 am. Anywhere from Lafayette to SFO and although we prefer the East Bay, SF is not out. Burmese, Vietnamese, Turkish, Pakistan, Philippino all would be great as long as we can communicate the vegetarian requirement. All the ones I have researched don't open until 11 or so - Sabuy Sabuy II, Amba, Holy Land, Battambang, Green Papaya are the ones I know but anything in from Oakland to Fremont? Dim Sum would be great, especially if there is veg. menu to order selections from. As a last resort, fabulous traditional breakfast is good too, especially if you tell me about a can't miss. (Like the donut muffins at Bette's or something)

Help, I want to wow this guy with the wonderful options out here as he flies out. Thanks!

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  1. At first, I thought this post was advertising for a vegetarian, friendly (as in happy) person to work at a restaurant...

    Finished by 11AM may be really tough! And as a vegetarian myself, I must say that a good veggie-friendly brunch (or early morning breakfast), one where you don't feel slighted and have enough options, is really tough to come by. But I don't travel to the EB frequently, so maybe someone else can chime in...

    The one place that jumps out to me is Cafe Colucci, which is Ethiopian. They open at 8AM every day. The food is quite tasty.

    6427 Telegraph Ave
    Oakland, CA 94609
    (510) 601-7999

    1. It's not ethnic food, but we really love Aunt Mary's Cafe in Oakland (Temescal) for delicious veggie friendly breakfasts. Really good biscuits and gravy, great collard greens, and you can sub tofu for eggs. If you are in there early, there's no wait, and if it's sunny, there's a nice patio. I know Shan Dong in Oakland Chinatown is open for breakfast too, and they are super veg-friendly. We also love La Note's gingerbread pancakes (in Berkeley).

      1. Thanks for your suggestions. I had suggested Cafe Colucci, and called to verify they would be serving full menu so early (they do!) and am leaving it up to my friend between there and Chow in Lafayette. Aunt Mary's sounds good, I'll try it soon.

        1. Take a look at Camino, too - it's currently my favorite brunch in the East Bay, very veg-friendly, and opens at 10.

          1. Thanks again. We went to Chow in Lafayette and I had a very good eggs benedict and he had the granola and a side pancake. Eggs on the e.b were well poached, ham was sliced thinand warm, hollandaise excellent, green salad instead of potatoes no problem, a nice touch. He ordered a lemon pancake, received raspberry and ate it without saying anything. Said it was very good. I thought a charge of $5.95 for a single side pancake pretty high though. 2 hot teas, 2 egg benedict, granola and pancake, tax $32.28