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Mar 12, 2010 08:39 AM

A surfeit of jams - how to use up?

We will soon be moving and are in the throes of using up freezer items and pantry staples preparatory to doing so. I have accumulated a raft of various types of jam, from sour cherry to blackcurrant to tangerine and seville orange marmalade. Even have a jar of fancy-pants French rose petal jam. Other than Linzertorte, the number of which I can see eating or giving away to our neighbors is limited, does anyone have any brainwaves for using them up in quantity? Thanks as always!

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  1. I like to mix jam with some cayenne and vinegar and use it as a glaze for pork or chicken. That can use some up without relying on sweets!

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      This is my suggestion too. I prepare savory dishes with jams all the time-probably the majority of how I use them.
      Pork, lamb, chicken etc..
      Here's a basic recipe:
      Heat a pan with evoo and brown (salt and peppered) chicken breasts.
      When you turn the breasts over to brown the second side, add one large sliced onion.
      Cook until onion caramelizes.
      Add cider vinegar to deglaze, then chicken stock and apricot/orange jam.
      Cook until chicken is done.
      Allow meat to rest and reduce sauce if needed. Keep it loose, reduce to a glaze-whatever you like.
      Now, insert pork or lamb for chicken and cherry or current jam for apricot.
      You see the possibilities.
      Use shallots vs. onions.
      Add garlic if you like.
      Add dried fruits to the liquid as it cooks so it plumps.
      Add complimentary spices like thyme, rosemary, paprika
      The basic recipe can be tweaked endlessly.

      Think about using your jams in recipes like sauerbraten....

    2. All that work you put into them! Are you SURE they aren't worth taking with you? Are you moving to the moon? If it were me, I'd take with...

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        Nah, all bought. I have only made jam once - actually grapefruit marmalade - and we ate on it for so long I've never lived it down. My mother was a canner/jam maker, I apparently didn't get the gene.

      2. Put a few spoonfuls into your vinaigrette for salads.

        Add hot water and make fruit tea.

        1. I've added jam or marmalade into plain muffin recipes, just fold in at the end. Also jam, particularly sour cherry is great mixed with apples as a pie filling. The blackcurrant would be delicious too.
          You could use them as a condiment as part of a cheese platter with nuts, fruit etc

          1. Pour over softened cream cheese, top with crumbled bacon and chopped scallions for a quick dip with crackers.

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              Yummy idea! In CT, they sell something called Nip 'n Tang (preserves with horseradish) that is equally wonderful over cream cheese. Adding bacon and scallions is a fab idea. Horseradish is another thought for you.


              Check this site for other Nip 'n Tang recipe ideas you could apply to your jams, buttertart. Mmmmmmmmm...Monte Cristos!

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                I love horseradish - great ideas as usual Ms kattyeyes!