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Mar 12, 2010 08:37 AM

What happened to Basix?

I keep trying to like Basix again, but I can't. A year and more ago it was a decent to good spot for breakfast but over the last several months, it's just gone down hill. it is close to home and all of the waiters are as nice as can be, but the food has become just bland and bad. Over the last few months I have tried it over a dozen times, simplifying my order, just trying to get a decent breakfast but the kitchen is totally incompetent. The final straw was today - french toast and a side of bacon. The french toast was burnt on the outside, cold all the way thru and the bacon was cold. Both came on a cold plate. Over a dozen attempts at breakfast have all been cold, not as ordered or just plain bad. Under cooked potatoes, over cooked eggs, runny omelets, over cooked burgers, cold oatmeal, cold toast, gummy bacon, etc. I think its time to write off this place. Its a shame, nice people working there and a convenient location, but the food is just awful.

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  1. that sucks. i have to wonder if they've changed kitchen staff, because when i lived in the neighborhood years ago, it was a reliable option - maybe not award-winning but certainly not the train wreck you describe. have you told them how bad your experiences have been? with places like Hugo's and Eatwell right there, that's a competitive little stretch of the boulevard for breakfast spots - they'd better get their act together.

    1. Agreed. I'm over it. It was never that great to begin with but it was always good enough for that price point. I'd given up on dinner at that place as the evening service is awful, but still liked their breakfast. But I went a few weeks ago and had the most mediocre breakfast with the food watery and bland. There are just too many good breakfast places in the neighborhood to give them another shot.