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Mar 12, 2010 08:06 AM

Need a good italian caterer for a low-key wedding in Boston


I'm looking for an Italian restaurant to cater a low-key wedding. There are a bunch of places that offer buffet packages, but I don't know which restaurant does catering best. There's Bob's Italian food store and Spinelli's, I really wanted to go with Al Dente, but after 4 phone calls trying to get information about pricing, I just gave up. We're trying to find a place that offers good food at a reasonable price. A lot of other caterers seemed great but didn't offer coffee service.

Has anyone had catered food from Spinelli's or Bob's? Any thoughts would be hugely appreciated!


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  1. I've been to two very different, low-key events where the food was Italian and done by a South Shore caterer: I'm not sure that's quite what you're looking for (more caterer than restaurant) but the food/presentation was good. Best of luck and congratulations!

    1. Spinelli's is sister uses them quite often to cater events at MGH and everyone loves their food! I often get their take out eggplant parm from the Saugus location. It never disappoints!

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          Don't use Spinelli's. The catering manager is VERY unpleasant and doesn't know how to deal well with clients. I had used Spinelli's for a Christmas Banquet in Boston and she was not easy to work with.

          This year we used Anthony's in Malden to cater the party and they were wonderful. A couple of other places to check out are Massimino's, Lucia's and Artu. All do a very nice job with catering.

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            Just thought of another option on the North Shore. Theresa's Eatery in Middleton, MA on Route 114. Have never had catering done from there, but the restaurant has wonderful food. Check out their catering website: