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Mar 12, 2010 08:06 AM

Twist vs Bar Charlie

Girlie and I are going to Las Vegas Sunday April 18- Thursday the 22. I dont believe my IRS refund will be in yet. Soooooo, if you could only do one tricky meal which would you choose between Twist and Bar Charlie?
For a bonus, which would you choose between the DB burger and the Burger Bar's Rossini????

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  1. I loved Bar Charlie when I was in LV last year. However, I do have a reservation at Twist this year (I'm coming to LV the week before you). There have been great reports on this board about both restaurants. Bar Charlie is a fixed menu sitting at a counter, whereas Twist offers table seating with a choice between a la carte and a fixed menu. I don't think you can wrong with either.

    1. Isn't the Rossini $60? And I thought the DB was steep at $32...

      If money is no object I would probably choose the Rossini. It sounds ridiculous. I will be in Vegas at the end of the month and intend on using my Wynn resort credit on the DB burger. I'll tell you if it is any good though I won't be spending $60 to compare it with the Rossini :p

      1. I love Bar Charlie, but it's now open only on Friday and Saturday nights. I think someone mentioned that Bar Charlie's chef (Hiroo Nagahara) is on site other days, so you might be able to get the same dishes on other nights.

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          went to bar charlie last year and it was spectacular. Twist is on the list this year.

        2. One more reason NOT to choose Restaurant Charlie/Bar Charlie -- according to critic John Curtas, it has shut its doors as of tonight. Not surprising, but depressing nonetheless.

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            I looked at the John Curtas site and only saw the deathwatch comment. Where did you see that RC/BC is closing tonight? I'm hoping this is not true. QAW, what have you heard?

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                Unfortunately this is all true; we will be limited to following the careers of Hiroo Nagahara and Vanessa Garcia from a distance. It looks like this will not be the only major closing in 2010; right now there simply is not enough of a market to support the volume of high-end restaurants on the Strip. Charlie Trotter was particularly vulnerable because of the expense of maintaining that pantry, and that leads to the other fear - those that do stay in the game will do so by simplifying their offerings even more (a common pet peeve is that so many of the celebrity chefs play it "safe" in Las Vegas, which could become even more pronounced).

                1. re: QAW

                  Yes, I got news when coming to work today, 3/19 that both Rest. and Bar Charlie are closed for good.
                  I am friends with Vanessa, and i'll post where she's going off to. It's possible she'll move back to LA, but she's so talented, and Vegas has so many places she should get a job with little issue.

                  Wish I could have eaten there, but I work nights and it made it tough to visit.

          2. Some possibly discouraging news about Charlie Trotter's restaurant in New York City: