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Mar 12, 2010 07:50 AM

KItchen Aid "Blue Willow" color: have you seen it? Need opinions.

Hey! I'm hoping to upgrade, this month (rebate time) to a larger, more powerful mixer (my old kitchenaid is the 325 watt model) so I can make more bread at once without burning out the motor. I like the larger bowl, too.

I live in a rural area and don't have any way to see the models in person. I'm interested in the KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus Series and was going to go with the Empire red, which I have seen, as the "cobalt" looks rather drab, to me. THEN I clicked on the Amazon links and saw Blue Willow! Wow...on my computer, this appears to be much closer to what I think of as "cobalt"--probably incorrectly; my artist daughter would laugh--as a brighter, lighter, more cheery blue: close to Swedish blue, or even CNN political blue <g>....

My kitchen is primarily in old Fiestaware colors: sunny yellow, bright red, jadite green, BUT I don't really care for the dark, dark fiesta blue...and as a result I've got more pure royal blue.

Have you seen this in person? Is it a pure, clear blue....or muddy? Can you compare it to something? I'd be very grateful. Thanks.

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  1. Here it is on the website.. I've not seen it in person.. but to me.. it strikes me as a bit of a rich cornflower blue.

    I'm not sure this is of much help.. but hope so!

    1. I have the Professional 5 Plus in the blue willow -- it's sort of a dusty cobalt blue with a slight periwinkle undertone... it's quite pretty. I think it's the most cheerful of the colors available now (the Artisan seems to have much more "fun" colors -- but, I vastly prefer the pro model with the lift bowl).

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        Any chance you can find something in the pantry which is about the same colour, such as the lettering on a tin of spam. Just something the OP can walk into a shop and look at.

      2. Oh, well...that does sound lovely but I need a very clear, solid royal blue or light cobalt. Shucks.

        Anyway, I decided to go with the Pro 600, instead (hoping I don't get one of the lemons!) so now the question is moot. The only bright color they had that would work is the Empire Red, so, red it is.

        Thanks for the help, though. I wish I could have settled on the Artisan, but I need more room/power for breadmaking. Currenlty, I only have a (very trusty and reliable) Classic 250 watt in white.

        Does anyone keep their older KitchenAid when they move up? I'm really attached to this one and I *am* a bit fearful I'll get one of the Bad 'Un's that seem to pop up frequently in the Pro 600 range....However, I feel a bit ridiculous trying to justify a TWO stand mixer kitchen, especially given my shortage of counter space.

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        1. re: Beckyleach

          By the way, in the interests of clarity, I *had* thought my original model had 325 watts--hence the original post--but I double-checked and it's merely a wimpy 250. IF it works properly, my new 575 watt model will knock my socks off! :-)

          1. re: Beckyleach

            I don't have the stand mixer, but I do have the KA food processor in Empire Red and I love it! Matches my favorite purse :)

            1. re: Beckyleach

              I have had a red 600 pro for 5 or 6 years and it's just great. The first one I got had a problem (don't remember what) and Kitchenaid exchanged it immediately. The bowl for the 600 is very big so if you have room to store your present machine, I think that it's easy to justify as you might want it for smaller batches ( a little whipped cream, perhaps?). And just the comfort of having a trusty back up.....

              1. re: janeh

                Oh, thanks for that! I think I just needed ONE person to absolve me from the sin of excess. ;-) I don't think the small sum I could get for Mr. Trusty would be worth the pain of parting with him...

            2. You've already made your decision, but an ironclad rule of thumb: If color is important to you, there is absolutely no way on Earth to see what it really looks like without viewing the item itself in the flesh.

              Analog and digital color reproduction is always inaccurate, sometimes wildly, regardless of how well-calibrated presses or monitors may be.

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              1. re: dmd_kc

                Yeah, you're right....which is why I'm comfortable with the Empire Red, as that IS one I've actually seen. :-)

                1. re: dmd_kc

                  And, people actually "see" and respond to color differently -- one person's "cheerful" might be another person's "overwhelming" or even "boring". And seeing a color in a small sample doesn't always give someone the full impact of the color (think paint chips). Add into it the environmental conditions (lighting plays a large role in color), and color becomes a very individualized choice.

                  1. re: karmalaw

                    and that reminds me of when we were choosing granite; we loved a slab in the outdoor granite yard, but when we brough home a sample and laid it on our countertop we were astounded at how the deep green turned into boring grey. The environment makes a big difference.