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Mar 12, 2010 06:57 AM

Dufrene's Bakery - Golden Meadow and McKenzies

Does anyone remember Dufrenes Bakery In Golden Meadow and McKenzies?

Any idea where I could get the recipe for the small apple pies Dufrenes made and the wonderful little cupcake creations with a pecan and cherry on top from McKenzies. Those were two of my childhood favorites. Thanks.

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  1. The red-brick Dufrene's building is still standing. Several years ago, someone told me that a branch of the family with access to the original recipes was contemplating a new bakery, but I've not seen/heard anything since that fleeting reference (pre-K, if memory serves). I don't remember the apple pies, but I do remember the long, skinny brownies with wavy fudge icing and a light coating of granulated sugar on the bottoms. The recipe I'd love to see is for the round, slightly dome shaped, pale sugar cookies--the ones with a smidge of colored sprinkles on top. Those sugar cookies had a distinctive texture....a little crumbly-tender, slightly dry, but melting on the tongue. I have baked many many sugar cookies and have never even come close. When I was in high school, we'd stop at a Dufrene's branch for breakfast: lemon or apple turnovers got me through adolescence. The Peachtree Bakery fills Dufrene's old market niche, but their bread doesn't even come close to the old Dufrene's unwrapped "shortie" loaves, stored behind the counter on wire racks.