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Mar 12, 2010 05:47 AM

Dinner around 10-11?

Hey folks, I'm going to catch a movie in IMAX 3D (groan) at King of Prussia at 7. Then driving back to the city for dinner. Is there anywhere convenient that seats around 10:30? Noble on Sansom looks really good since we can head around the corner to Village Whiskey afterwards, but Noble closes at 11 - when places list their hours do they mean last seating at 11 or the doors shut at 11?. And I know V W seats til 1 but I have been eating there way too often lately. Any other suggestions?

I know there are threads for late late night places but they're greasey spoon-y I'm looking for a slightly nicer resto. Gracias,

Edit: This is the first time I'm going to KoP so if the movie starts at 7 (Alice in W) when can I expect to get back to CC?

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  1. In my experience, if a place says they close at 11 that means they won't seat you after then, but they won't kick you out at 11. However, I wouldn't walk in at 10:30 and order a feast, either, I'd try to get out of there soon after 11.

    Pub and Kitchen is open late and I think they just opened a new seating area on the second floor, and it's convenient to 76.

    1. What part of the city? Are you only interested in Rittenhouse area? I've eaten that late at Distrito and Valanni. The both have a pretty good late night crowd. I see on opentable that Bibou has a 10:30 seating. Personally, I'd grab that in a heartbeat. I think that Chifa and Amada also serve late, as does Xochitl. Around Rittenhouse, I think that both Parc and Snackbar run pretty late.

      1. I did a quick search on open table to see who would take a 10:30pm reservation and a surprising amount of restaurants will. Looks like all of the Garces places.

        I'd second the rec for Pub and Kitchen. And, I'd add Osteria. It seems like the only time I can ever get a reservation there last minute is for after 9:30 anyway!

        Regarding traffic coming back from KoP. There's just no way to make an assumption. I'm always baffled when there's gridlock on 76 at 10 at night.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone, very helpful. I'm thinking either Pub and Kitchen or Osteria, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

          Will P&K have a line since it doesn't take reservations? Also my friend is not big on dairy so does Osteria do good stuff outside the pizza?

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            There is the possibility of a wait at P&K.

            Osteria is probably twice the price of P&K (especially if you are not getting pizza) so take that into account, too.

          2. At that point in the night I would just consider eating at the bar. Are you planning to sit down for two hours? The waitress, right or wrong may be annoyed. Anyway, I went to Noble not too long ago and really enjoyed my dinner with friends and pub and kitchen is nice too.