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Mar 12, 2010 05:26 AM

Need recs: Citrus store/stand and other food recs near Vero Beach

My biggest request is a request for the best citus store near within ~1hrs drive or so. May be going up to the Space Coast for a Nats ST game, so around there could work too.

This doesn't have to be the prettiest, and it doesn't have to be a farm. I'm thinking of the New England cider/apple type place, where sometimes the best unpasteurized cider comes from some guy who sells a bajillion varieties of amazing apples out of a dusty store in the middle of nowhere. There are also some big flashy farms that sell amazing cider.

I don't care which I go to here, I just want jaw-dropping juice and oranges. (And since I'm going next week, Valencias should juuuuuust be in season, right?)

Also, any restaurant recs around Vero, within 30-45 min drive. Prefer something I can't get up north-- Florida style food, such as it is. Seafood is good, but I'm picky about quality. High end is fine, but consider that I'm coming from NY, so I'd rather have slightly-cheaper but unique than a standard issue middle-to-nice restaurant.

Thanks for any tips

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  1. One place I have my eye on is Marsh Landing in Fellsmere. Is that a decent pick?

    1. Peterson's Grove & Nursery 3375 66th Ave Vero Beach 772-562-6900 Family owned great citris, fresh squized juices (Not pasteurized) other store items Orange Jellies, Salad dressings. Shippig Great Oranges & Grapefruit It's about 1/2 mile from the Mall off of Rt 60. For fish The French Quarter 1920 14th Ave 772-770-4870 in Downtown Vero

      1. Peterson's is good, also I really like Countryside Citrus, on 81st street between 66th Avenue and 58th Avenue. Family owned, fresh squeezed juice that they squeeze daily, from their oranges, and really nice people.

        1. If you get to a NATS game, I can recommend Harvey's Groves.

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            We are going to a Nats game, so thanks for the rec!