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Mar 12, 2010 05:08 AM

Substitution for Cream of Mushroom soup in meat dishes?

Seem to coming across many (non kosher) chicken recipes that call for cream of mushroom soup...does anyone have any good substitutions? Would prefer not to use non-dairy creamer (for health reasons)...but think cooking mushrooms in soy/rice milks wld be too "liquidy"

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  1. Mimiccreme is a perfect alternative. I use it in a half & half mix with chicken broth for chicken pot pies and it works well for flavor and texture. As an alternative you can use Tofutti's sour cream substitute, but it does add more tanginess (better for Indian dishes or stroganoff).

    1. I use Rokeach mushroom soup in the can and I have been using plain Almond milk instead of Mocha Mix lately.

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        I also use Rokeach's canned pareve mushroom soup in pareve side dishes, such as green bean casserole, that call for cream of mushroom soup. Though the taste will not be exactly the same, it does the job. Maybe adding a little pareve milk substitute to the pareve soup would be worth a try.