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Mar 12, 2010 04:59 AM

Lunch in Bala Cynwyd?

I'm meeting a friend in Bala Cynwyd for lunch and am not familiar with the area. Would prefer to avoid Chilis (!). Any suggestions? Thanks :)

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  1. If you want to stick to Cityline Ave, casual, but Delancey St bagels not bad. On Montgomery Ave, not sure if Aldar serves lunch, but excellent mediterranean fare, Hymie's or Murry's Deli, or the pub that is a little further up(Narberth) that i can never remember the name of!

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      The pub you mean is I think Pub of Penn Valley but the locals call it Penn Valley Pub.

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        If you like Chinese Food, and have a car, Chun Hing on Monument AVe in the shopping center with the Pathmark is reliably good. Special dishes would include pork and turnip soup, fried dumplings better than most in Chinatown; Shrimp Shing Tao style with watercress. That could be a leisurely lunch, although their platters aren't bad; very inexpensive for lunch.

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          thx barryg, that's it......don't know why i always go blank!!

      2. Katz's Deli Kitchen is at the moment the best place on City Line. Actually it's just off City Line.
        - 225 East City Avenue, Bala Cynwyd - (610) 668-1100. It's a Jewish Delicatessen, and a good one.

        1. The Tavern on Montgomery Ave next to the Fire Station. Fancy but not deli. White table cloths/napkins but still a casual feel.

          I had the WORST "chipped beef" of my life at Katz'. It was salty chopped brisket meat in warm milk sopped on toast. SO bad, I would never try anything there again.

          1. Been working on City Ave for the last 6 years -- Aldar does serve lunch and it is great. Murray's Deli is always on point. Chinese/Japanese across the street from the fire station on Montgomery Ave called Shangri-La is generally solid. But Penn Valley Pub is definitely our go-to spot when we have a little time to spare. It's a little small in there and the service can sometimes be slow, but their soups are outstanding, particularly the wild mushroom soup is superb. The salads are enormous and filling and the pasta entrees are always delicious.

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                Penn Valley Pub is on Montgomery Avenue (headed West from Bala.) It is on the right near the Acme. Parking is tight.