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Mar 12, 2010 04:39 AM

Carmine's Asbury Park

Having been a big fan of the veal chop parmigiana served at Carmine's, last night we went and they had a special they are running Thursday's through the end of March 36 oz porterhouse with roasted potatos, broccoli rabe and ceasar salad for two for $35.00 added a bottle of wine from their $20 bottle of wine list and it becomes $50.00 the porterhouse was cooked to perfection and we couldn't finish the sides.......this was really quite a deal ... not quite a Keen's steakhouse dining experience......but a very good value and very good food.

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  1. Have been to Carmine`s twice. Both times a good experience. The first time we happened to stumble into the 50% off night without realizing it, what a pleasant surprise.Chicken Marsala dish tasted a bit different than I was expecting, but still interesting. Everything was done pretty well. The second time, I wanted to taste test their version of linguine with red clam sauce but couldn`t find it on the menu, til I found out it was disguised under another name > Vongole< lovely name, I must say ! :-)) Anyway, that dish was excellent !! I told my server afterwards, that dish was so good that i would come back again just to have it again. All in all , in my opinion , Carmine`s does things right.