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Mar 12, 2010 03:44 AM

Bibimbap with brown rice in new york?


I have to cut down on white rice but love bibimbap. Can someone recommend authentic korean restaurants that can substitute brown rice for white rice.

Many thanks

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  1. Hangawi, the vegetarian restaurant, has an organic selection of bibimbap with brown rice. The avocado option is great, though I'm not sure iwhether it's "authentic."

    Soma by Nature and Se Ja Meh, buth in the financial district and not exclusively vegetarian. will also substitute brown rice upon request. Se Ja Meh is pricier and more traditional than Soma, but both restaurants are solid options.

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    1. re: fm1963

      Bibimbap with avocado is most definitely not authentic, but I'm sure Hangawi does a nice version.

      Quite a few Korean restaurants do, but often for a charge. I know for a fact that Bibim Bar (inside Ramen Setagaya in EV) does it, for example. It never hurts to ask at your favorite bibimbap place!

    2. At Woorijip, you can pick up bibimbap. Since the rice comes packaged separately, you can just pick up brown rather than white.

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      1. I had a great, cheap brown rice bim bim bap at 22 Happy Cups. It is kind of a yogurt/crepe place but they have a few great Korean lunch items. 6th ave near 23rd.

        1. manna on 17th st by union square has this option.

          1. We have a brown rice option for our bibimbap at River Barrel (160 Franklin St. at Kent St. in Greenpoint.)