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What peach brandy to get and what to do with it when I get it?

I've heard the brand Mathilde but don't know it. Was just toying with the idea of buying some peach brandy. Can any of you wax poetic about which ones you love and how to drink them?

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  1. make a peach brandy sour
    apricot brady sours are also amazing

    1. My friend made me a peach brandy tiramisu once, was amazing! I don't have the recipe, but found this one from epicurean.com.


      1. Carrie Cole at Craigie makes a great drink with house peach brandy, house pineapple syrup and Campari, with a Lemon Hart rum rinse.

        1. Inspired by this, I bought a bottle of Mathilde Peche. My first try wasn't too successful. It's very sweet and the peach flavor is one-note. Whereas I've had good luck with (say) the Orchard Apricot, somehow the Peach flavor didn't harmonize as well.

          On the spectrum of "mixes with everything" to "hard to use", I'd put orange liqueurs at the former end and peach toward the other. I suppose it's just a challenge to overcome. :)

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            Try making a Fish House Punch with it. Really nice, IMO.

            Following is the "Fish House Cocktail" version from "The Joy of Mixology"

            1 1/2 oz dark rum
            1/2 oz brandy
            1/2 oz peach brandy
            1/2 oz simple syrup
            1/4 oz lime juice
            1/4 oz lemon juice

            ... a dash of bitters would definitely not hurt if you would like a bit more complexity. I've also tried replacing the simple syrup with Canton ginger liqueur, which I found to be a nice change.

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              I did what EvergreenDan did - I went out and bought a bottle of Mathilde. It's not bad straight and chilled but yes, very one-note. I like the Fish House Punch idea. I saw peach bitters in the store the other day so suppose that is an option ... and yes Canton ginger liqueur is just gorgeous. There might be another trip to the fabulous alcohol purveyor in order.

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                I used my peach brandy to make this version of Fish House Punch:


                It was the hit of our card party.

            2. I suspect you may have consumed all of your peach brandy by now, but if not : we like to make the equivalent of a peach "kir". Instead of crème de cassis for a kir vin blanc (with aligote) or kir royale (with champagne), use the peach brandy.

              1. Note that Mathilde Peche is NOT a "peach brandy," but rather a peach liqueur. I believe its base distillate is made from peaches, but it is sweetened and may have other ingredients. A beach brandy, on the other hand, would be a distillate of fermented peach juice. Old cocktail recipes that call for peach brandy are referring to just that, but from what I can find, it isn't imported into the U.S. anymore. That said, Mathilde liqueurs are all natural and flavored from fruits, and are far superior to artificial peach schnapps.

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                  You are correct that "peach brandy" was originally distilled peach juice, but today that term refers to a peach-flavored liqueur. At least, to most of the market -- as perpetuated by companies like Hiram Walker, Mr. Boston, Dekuyper, etc. Hopefully the real stuff will some day return to general availability...

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                    Mathilde is made by the folks of Ferrand Cognac/Citadelle Gin. The base distillate isn't made from peaches. All the Mathilde liqueurs are made from infusing the fruit into a neutral spirit. Exactly what spirit I am not sure, but the probability is the same spirit used to make their gin, which is most likely derived from grain.

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                      I'll be interested to find out what grain schnapps and Mathilde uses. How many times is it distilled? Is it filtered through water?

                      1. re: Eastwind

                        I don't understand what you mean by "Is it filtered through water?"

                        I'll ask some questions next time I see Francois or Guilliame from Ferrand/Citadelle/Mathilde/Plantation.

                      2. re: JMF

                        I spoke to Francois of Ferrand last night. The Mathilde base spirit is distilled from sugar beet.

                        The Citadelle Gin is made from wheat.

                    2. Make your own from farmers market peaches and a nice vodka.

                      Really though the quality of the vodka doesn't make a huge difference.

                      You'll be glad you waited.

                      1. bols is serviceable i cannot remember what the better brand the beachbum recommends in remix off the top of my head, i couldnt find it so i have bols - it is okay, but getting something other than that will probably require an internet order and shipping so make sure to pick up other bottles at the same time if you are looking for harder to find items

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                            pour a splash into a glass of orange juice for a Fuzzy Navel

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                                well, no, but the OP said peach brandy...which isn't the same thing.

                                Thought I'd hit the general reply button, not as a reply to Sdenred.

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                                  An then there's aged unsweetened peach brandy. Since Kindred Cocktails has to unambiguously specify ingredients, we use:
                                  - eau-de-vie - a clear, typically unaged, unsweetened distillate (brandy)
                                  - dry brandy -- same thing, but aged and therefore typically brown. Hard to find in the US.
                                  - liqueur - what others might call somewhat incorrectly a brandy -- a sweetened liqueur made either of the distillate or of neutral spirits, flavored with the fruit.

                                  I avoid calling something just "peach brandy" to prevent confusion. I'd love to hear if anyone can improve on these categories.

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