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Mar 11, 2010 08:31 PM

Chowhounder moving to Bushwick, suggestions? Please?

Hey chowhound Outer Boroughs, I`ve lived in Minneapolis for the majority of my life and in about a week I'm moving to Bushwick (Wyckoff and DeKalb) and I'm getting super hyped on the food scene in New York. Bushwick seems to be a black hole in food, other than Puerto Rican and Mexican, but I am willing to go out of the way for some place special.

I'm wondering if there are any recommendations for places I would not otherwise be able to find. I've searched all over yelp and chowhound and there are some obvious places, (within the first week I'm definately heading to Flushing), but other places? I'm looking for cheap on the order of 3-7 dollars for a meal. Dives/hole in the wall type places would be great. Cheaper the better.

We have a fair amount of: Veitnamese, Thai, Sushi, German, Scandinavian (my family), Ethiopian, Middle Eastern, and Mexican.

We don't have much in the way of: Korean, Malay, Japanese (non sushi), Indian, African (other than Ethiopian), East European, Southern, Chinese (broad, I know), Spainish (Basque especially), and pretty much any other types of cusines.

Any places I have to try? Specific dishes? Personal favorites? Ultra cheap?

Any suggestions would be awesome and much appreciated.

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  1. Hi larssten,


    Here are some links to things I've written about in the past (warning - some of my posts are long).

    The link directly after this paragraph covers general food shopping not too far from your area. You're right next door to the Eastern European meat mecca better known as Ridgewood Queens—all meat places mentioned in the posting are good though my favorites are Muncan's and Morscher's Pork Store. Since you're so close, I'd also recommend checking out a teeny restaurant called Bosna Express on Fairview Avenue and trying the pljeskavica or "Bosnian burger." Eastern European stuff (Polish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Bosnian, etc.) is Ridgewood's strongest suit.

    Korean Fried Chicken (Flushing) - For this, Kyedong is the easier one to get to if you don't have a car (still a healthy walk from the 7 train though). Kyedong is also right across the street from a large Korean supermarket if that interests you—by the entrance there's often a guy operating a device that "explodes" rice into rice cakes (fun to watch!).

    Paris Baguette (a French-Asian bakery—Flushing) - I really like this place and have only had wonderful things here but there are some Chowhounders on this board who say thay have had bad experiences and hate this place with a passion. If it interests you, judge for yourself.

    Some faves not too far from Bushwick (though having a car definitely helps) Wafa's (Lebanese - Forest Hills), Dumont (burgers and much much more - Williamsburg), the tortilla factory on Starr right off Wyckoff—I think the restaurant is called, "Los Hermanos," (?) and Egg (artisanal breakfasty stuff - Williamsburg).

    I hope this gets you started!


    Glendale is hungry...

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      Oops! Forgot to mention a cheap eat nearby. In Ridgewood you will also find bureks! (cheese, apple, and meat) Check out Muncan's for these but get there in the morning since they tend to run out. Muncan's is closed on Sundays.

      There's also a burek place on Forest Avenue between Catalpa and 69th Avenue.


      Glendale is hungry...

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        Also, if the Eastern European thing interests you, in Ridgewood be sure to check out any Polish Delis on Fresh Pond Road or Forest Avenue. All will have a selection of various spreads in jars, the best-known of which is Ajvar, a roasted red pepper spread that has many fans on this board.


        Glendale is hungry...

      2. Some ideas here:

        For holes in the wall I like Cholula Deli and La Isla Chucifritos. A bit of Spanish here will be helpful.

        Roberta's is great if you want to splurge.

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          Yeah, right after I posted this I saw that thread and felt a little silly. I almost deleted my post except I thought I would still say hi. Thanks for the recomendations though, both of you. Definately will have to visit the Korean Market, Ridgewood, and the holes you mentioned.