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Mar 11, 2010 08:04 PM

Breakfast for Dinner with Grandmother

I'm taking my grandmother out tomorrow night for dinner---She's 95, and we'll be eating around 5pm. She likes BACON and eggs---none of these places are open for dinner, or they would be perfect:
Pete's or Patty's Eggnest
Original House of Pancakes
the defunct Roosters

I would like to stay on the North side, she uses a walker (so parking is critical), and if it's not super loud, that's good. Her main priority is that she would like to go somewhere "clean" (i.e., not back to the IHOP on Aurora). Any ideas of a good bacon and egg place that stays open for dinner? Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. The 5 Spot on Queen Anne is good and has a breakfast all day meal that includes bacon and eggs.

    It is not too loud and is clean and fun and the food is good. Geraldine's Counter would also be a good choice except it is probably too far south for your needs. If you do not mind driving a little father that would work too.

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      I second the recommendation for Geraldines counter. Among the best all-day breakfasts I've found in Seattle. Try the french toast!

      There is also good parking, nearby, for cheap ($1 for 2 hours, turn east when you reach Geraldines)

      1. re: Booklegger451

        Thank you for the suggestions! I didn't realize that there was close parking to Geraldine's, or I definitely would have gone there. I ended up talking her into a "bacon pizza", which she enjoyed, along with a pint of beer. She's no Chowhound, but she is a terrific 95-year old dinner companion.

        1. re: Biking Girl

          Just to stay on topic, where did you go. And by the way, I think it's AWESOME that you are taking your 95 year old grandma out to dinner, and that she's eating breakfast for dinner. You guys rock.