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Mar 11, 2010 07:51 PM


I know that boiled crawfish are usually bought at a fish market and eaten at home, but does anyone have a recommendation for restaurants at which they are served?

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  1. Charlie's Seafood in Harahan, The Galley on Metairie Road, Frankie and Johnny's Uptown. A few options....

    1. Eating boiled crawfish in a restaurant isn't unusual or atypical in any'd you get that idea? Sal's Seafood, Perino's Boiling Pot, and Harbor Seafood in Kenner are all boiled-seafood-centric spots for you to try.

      1. +1 Harbor Seafood; it's one of my favorites. Also Seither's Seafood in Harahan has good prices on boiled seafood and good fried pickles too.

        A third option between home and restaurant is taking out fresh boiled crawfish from a retail outlet, which is done well by regional grocery store chain Rouses, as well as seafood shops like K-Jean's and Big Fisherman.