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Mar 11, 2010 06:00 PM

Fresh seafood market sources (near the SFV) ??

When I want to whip up a quick meal using seafood, where should I go to buy fresh seafood ?
I am in the Burbank area.
I can live with "flash-frozen" choices (on the boat, or at the dock) long as they are just that...and not "frozen because it 's not selling".

I simply will not eat the fish at the local chain market's meat counter.

I got spoiled (no pun) because my ex-girlfriend father was head of NOAA Northwest Fisheries, and they only ate fish straight off the boat. They felt the fish at Seattle's Pike's Place fish market, was too old.
While I can't possibly adhere to that standard......I need to do better than a local supermarket's selection.

PS...I will post their "Pickled Salmon" recipe soon.........fricken fantastic.


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    1. re: miwine

      Holy carp, I forgot about them! Great lunches too.