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Mar 11, 2010 05:46 PM

Good Restaurant for Rehearsal Dinner?

Looking for a decent restaurant in LA proper to have a rehearsal dinner for 40-50 people. Would prefer a place with a private room and cost around $30 per head.

Anyone been to any place that fits the bill or have any suggestions. I live in Venice and have been scouring the earth but most places don't have a private room or it costs and arm and a leg for a prix fixe menu. Not looking to get hosed 2 nights in a row:)


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  1. We had a really great rehearsal dinner at Gladstone's. The food was surprisingly very good and the setting on the beach is romantic. They have a large private room in the back. Service was excellent. Can't speak to cost as we didn't pay, but I would think it's in your range.

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    1. re: Fresser

      highly doubt that gladstones will come in at budget.

    2. are you saying $30 a head including tax, tip, service charge, possible room charge, beverages (alcoholic, soft drinks, and coffee)?

      maybe a chinese or mexican restaurant could set up a buffet for your party.

        1. re: westsidegal

          It would be on a Saturday. Most places we've talked to don't charge for the room if you have a certain amount of people and the places we've seen on the westside are between $30-$35 per head including non soda and coffee but not tip. So I was just wanting some more suggestions in case I'm blanking.

          I'll probably have to make a compromise but we checked out:
          C&O-would have to share a room and there is a 2 hour limit
          Beechwood-Not very kid friendly

          Primativo-Private room is a bit small
          Border Grill-Too expensive

          1. re: jayhawk13310

            dunno if this would work, but i'd give the catering manager at the radisson in culver city a call and ask them about their CULVER ROOM.
            imho, the room is really lovely (paneled walls, big booths).
            when i've been there to hear jazz, the food is normal and VERY reasonably priced.
            they also served reasonably priced drinks
            be sure to ask them to comp parking in the lot they own across the street for your party.

        2. Check with Tex Mex Marix on W. Channel. I know they have a private room, don't know if it's big enough.

          1. la cabana in venice

            westside tavern has a private event menu that i think starts at $35/per. their private room is beautiful.

            duke's malibu also has menus in that range - i think they are on their website.

            have you tried el cholo?

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            1. re: nachosaurus

              Maybe Il Moro can do something with salad and pasta that might work within your price range.

              You could always do Chinese. Fu's Palace has a private room-